Make it ALL count

Don’t waste time. Be purposeful. Make it ALL count!

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There’s opportunity in this day that will soon be gone. Make it count while you have it.
You have skills, abilities, knowledge, connections, passions, and possibilities. Make it all count by making something good and meaningful out of it all.

There are lots of ways you could waste this day, but wouldn’t you rather make good, purposeful use of it? There are plenty of excuses for why you can’t, but think of how far you can go when you focus instead on why you will.

Behind every desire, is a desire to matter. In every urge, is the primal urge to take hold of the reins of your life and make it count.

Make it count in ways that lift you ever higher. Make it count by benefitting life, and those who live it, as positively and as powerfully as you can imagine.

Don’t just sit there wondering if or when or why or how. Step forward, take this moment right now and make it count.

— Ralph Marston

Stacy Russell


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