Five Minute Plank Workout

A 5 minute workout…that is nothing right?  Think again.  This short 5 minute workout will have you saying “when will it be over!!!”

This workout is from our favorite workout site  They have new workouts every day, a Daily Dare, as well as programs for people at any level of working out.

Here is the dreaded 5 minute plank workout.


The five minute plank is a paradox of sorts. It uses relative inactivity to challenge the abdominal muscles and strengthen them. In five minutes you get to exercise as many parts as possible of the muscle wall. The result: strong abs, a strong core, more power, better coordination plus you get to look good on the beach.

Instructions: Repeat each move with no rest in between until the set is done. It will only take five minutes but it will likely to make you cry… or at least whimper a little bit.

What it works: abs, chest, glutes, lower back, core.

Tip: To gain the maximum out of your time in this exercise tense your abdominal muscle group at each rep.

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