3 Reasons You Need a Shower Filter

You may not have thought of this but research suggests that the water we inhale or absorb through the skin during a shower is more harmful to our health than the unfiltered water we drink. This is because water  is absorbed by the skin and goes directly into our blood stream.

3 Reasons You Need a Shower Filter

Following are 3  reasons why you must consider installing a chlorine shower filter:

Showerhead Bacteria

If you’re using an unfiltered shower head, be warned that when you turn on the water for your shower, you may be showering yourself with bacteria. Sounds gross doesn’t it? A study conducted by biology professor Norman Pace concluded that 60% of the 50 showerheads used in the study contained bacteria that can cause pulmonary disease.

Skin and Hair Damage

The bacteria and harmful chemicals found in water are not only harmful to our health but also to our skin and hair. The chlorine in water bonds to the skin and hair relieving it of its moisture causing dry and irritated skin because it disturbs the natural balance of the good bacteria in the body. Presence of chlorine in shower water is also linked with signs of premature aging. Yikes!

Does your hair feel dry and frizzy after you shower? It’s because of the chlorine present in it strips the hair of its natural oil.  Installing a chlorine shower filter not only neutralizes the chemicals but also helps restore the hair’s natural shine and elasticity. That means fewer trips to the salon for hair treatments.

Not So Relaxing 

A hot shower is generally meant to be relaxing, but if it’s doing the opposite for you, there might be a reason or it.  The absorption and inhalation of chlorine can cause physical fatigue, lower autoimmune function, and give way to mental depression, which make fighting infectious diseases and allergic reactions harder for the body. Installing a shower chlorine filter could help strengthen your immune system.

What I use

I got my original shower filter at Lowe’s and get the refills on Amazon. I chose the Sprite Slim Line because it’s easy to install and is affordable. You do need to change the filter about every 6 months. I can tell when it’s time to change it because my hair starts feeling slimy and it’s harder to rinse out my shampoo.

If you have a favorite brand, let me know. I’m always open to suggestions.

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