3 Natural Ways to Reduce Toxins in Your Home

Toxins are  in our surroundings, be it our food, water, clothes or even the air we breathe and many of them could affect our health in many different ways.

Even though our body has a detoxification filter, the continuous intake of toxins in the air we inhale and food we eat could make the body less resistant, often failing to filter out the toxins. It can be potentially harmful for your kidneys, lungs, stomach, and liver. In order to help prevent health disorders it is important that you get used to following some natural ways that can help you eliminate toxins from your home.


Green Cleaning

Many common household items have abrasive chemical agents. For example, your detergent and the bleach you use for cleaning your house or doing your laundry could contain very dangerous chemicals. A good way to reduce the amount of toxins from your home is to use natural cleaners. These natural cleaners are as much effective and safer compared to toxic chemicals in industrial products.

My favorite brand of natural cleaner is Branch Basics. It’s a  non-toxic concentrate that you mix with water. I love how it cleans up the soap scum in my bathtub and tile! They are a Texas based company and I just love their story.

Keep the Shoes Out

Is it common to walk around in your home in the same shoes that you wore outside? This might seem acceptable because we think our shoes are clean. However, there are times when you may think your shoes are clean but the ‘invisible’ that you bring in can potentially spread and cause various allergies. So, make it a habit to take your shoes off when entering your house.

We are fortunate to have a closet right inside the door we come in most often. We purchased cheap shoe storage shelves to keep the shoes of the floor (well, most of the time).


Grow Plants

Growing plants in your house is a smart strategy to help eliminate toxins from your house. Plants minimize the level of air pollutants like benzene. Some plants that are famous for reducing toxin levels are Bamboo Palm, English Ivy, and Peace lily.

When our girls were young we moved into a new house. I was a little freaked out by all the “toxins” in our beautiful new home so I put a Peace Lilly by each of their beds. I figured that at least at night the Peace Lilly would filter the air and make it less toxic. (I’ll share more in future posts about what I did when they were babies that made me seem obsessive but at least I slept better at night).


Now that you’ve learned a few tips to help reduce toxins in your home why not learn how reduce the toxins in your body. My favorite system for cleansing is the Isagenix Superfood Nutritional Cleansing Program. Not only is it cleansing but it also provides your body with superfood nutrition.  Toxins in our bodies can wreck havoc on our health. If you plan to cleanse your home you might as well cleanse your body too.

Read more about this Superfood Nutritional Cleansing Program here.



Reduce Toxins in your Home 
Take Toxins Out




Stacy Russell


Toxins can make us sick, overweight and even damage our long term health but don’t get discouraged. There are many ways to cleanse your home, body and life of toxins.Let me help you live a less toxic life one easy tweak at a time.

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