10 Day Faceless Marketing Challenge

As any good marketer, I scroll through Instagram looking for content ideas.

The 10-Day Faceless Challenge intrigued me so I bought it and here is my short review and my thoughts on why you should buy it, too.

10 Day Faceless Digital Marketing Challenge

My Thoughts On The 10 Day Faceless Marketing Challenge

Honestly, I wasn’t sure what I would get for $27 but I was pleasantly surprised.

In just a few hours I got a better grasp on Faceless Digital Marketing than I had in all the guides I’ve read.

I’m not saying there isn’t a place for the bigger courses but to bridge the gap between the Faceless Guides and the big courses this 10-Day Challenge is perfect.

If you’ve only read a few smaller digital marketing guides this will pull some of the pieces together for you.

You might even have a few light bulb moments like I did.

Ready to buy the challenge? Get it here

Faceless 10 day challenge

What You’ll Learn In The 10-Day Faceless Challenge

The 10-Day Challenge will teach you how to get started with digital marketing as a beginner on Instagram.

It’s a series of videos divided over 10 days. (I went thru them all in 2 hours)

Here is some of what you’ll learn:

  • How to set up your Ffaceless IG profile 
  • How to make winning faceless content 
  • Ideas for the content you’ll post on your IG account, the type of content to post, and where to get your video scripts. 
  • Where to instant access to a ChatGPT that creates unlimited Instagram captions 
  • How to 10x your organic traffic for free 
  • Tips and tricks for growing your Instagram account and driving traffic to your page 
  • How to pick a digital product to sell
  • Automated chatbot to make money while you sleep
  •  Step-by-step walkthrough on setting your first ad to start generating more revenue! 
  • Become an affiliate with a done-for-you sales funnel

Here is what it looks like inside your challenge account.

10 Day Faceless Challenge

How I Used The 10-Day Faceless Challenge

As I said, I’ve already read through a bunch of faceless guides and even the big Ultimate Branding Course (which I love) but this challenge gave me quick actionable steps.

  1. The videos are easy to listen to without a bunch of fluff.
  2. It helped me to see I had my IG profile set up correctly
  3. I got a lot more ideas on how to brainstorm ideas for what to post
  4. Access to a special chatGPT that is specifically for faceless marketing to help rewrite captions
  5. I learned a hack about how to get more views on my reels

I executed some of the steps right away as I was going through the videos and at the end became an affiliate for the course.

Follow me on Instagram @ FacelessBloggerMom and DM me if you have any questions.

So, I know you are wondering how much money I’ve made on IG.

I’ve made $500 so far in about 5 weeks. 

I’ve been managing this website for over 8 years and opening the faceless account will be another income stream.

Who Can Benefit From A Faceless Instagram Account?

Faceless accounts on Instagram can be effective for various business models where personal branding isn’t the focus.

Here are some businesses that could thrive with faceless Instagram accounts:

  1. Photographers
  2. Real Estate Agents
  3. Virtual Bookstores
  4. Subscription Boxes
  5. Speciality Tea or Coffee Shops
  6. Amazon Affiliates
  7. Online Music Stores
  8. Children’s Educational Toys and Games
  9. DIY Crafters
  10. Local Businesses (Coffee shops, specialty cakes, hair salons, nail salons, restaurants)
  11. Nail Inspiration (sell an affiliate product like Color Street Nails)
  12. Any direct sales company

You get the point. 

Of course, you can show your face occasionally in your stories so people can see who you are but you don’t have to make all your reels and content about yourself.

It is about the service you offer to your potential clients.

How To Get Started In The 10-Day Faceless Challenge

10 Day Faceless Digital Marketing Challenge

What Happens After You Join The 10-Day Faceless Challenge

When you join the challenge through my link I’ll be your mentor and check in with you.

I’ll send you my best tips, resources, and rebates for some of my favorite courses.

I can’t promise you’ll make $10 much less 10k with this challenge but you will be well on your way to learning how people are doing it.

The rest is up to you.Buy the Faceless Profile System

Watch This Video For More Information

This video is a little over the top but it will show you the potential of what you can do with Faceless Digital Marketing.

It is part of the full affiliate system you can use if you become an affiliate.

Note, I did not make the video. 🙂

*Click the image below or this link to watch it*

Profile System Video

Buy the Faceless Profile System
Have You Got This Free Report Yet?

If you haven’t grabbed this Faceless Digital Marketing guide, do it now.


Reader Comments

  1. Maria says:

    This guide is so helpful! I’ve been considering pulling the trigger on a course so this was super informative!

    1. Stacy Russell says:

      This 10 day challenge is great place to start. Better than a freebie guide but not a big course.
      I’ve taken what I’ve learned in guides and this challenge put it together with this DFY business. https://www.alesstoxiclife.com/go/love-marketing-front-page/

  2. Rayo says:

    I have been thinking of creating a faceless youtube channel but Im not sure how to go about it. This challenge will be very helpful

  3. Rayo says:

    have been thinking of creating a faceless youtube channel but Im not sure how to go about it. This challenge will be very helpful

    1. Stacy Russell says:

      Oh yea, I haven’t gotten to Youtube yet. Keep me posted on what you learn.

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