5 Best Websites To Buy Your PLR

PLR (private label rights) or what I call, pre-written content could be a game changer for your business.

Let’s face it, there isn’t enough time in the day for a part-time business owner to write all the content they need for their business.

That’s where PLR comes in.

The trick is finding good PLR content sellers.

best place to buy PLR

Different Types Of PLR

I’ve been using PLR content for over 5 years and have bought from all sorts of sellers.

Some PLR content has been great and others I wasted my money on.

I’ve gotten some free PLR which was amazing.

I’ll share with you my sources so you don’t have to buy blind and if you find a great source please leave it in the comments.

From my experience, you can get PLR content in a few different ways:

  • 1 article/piece of content at a time
  • PLR bundles around a certain topic
  • Monthly PLR memberships 
  • Lifetime PLR memberships
  • Free PLR 


It is important to know the difference between the two types of content and to read the policies before buying it.

Private label rights (PLR) is a license to buy (the ”rights” to something, if you will) the content to edit, republish, reproduce, or repurpose as your own and as you see fit. You can not sell it to others for them to resell.

MRR (Master Resell Rights) allows you to buy the product, sell it, and grant your customer the right to resell it. You don’t always have the option to edit the cont

Best Sites To Buy PLR

Here you will find the PLR/MMR sites I’ve bought content from and some I’m an affiliate for.

If you need help deciding where to buy your PLR send me a message and I can help you.

1. PLR Project 

This is a content bank for various niches written by different authors.

PlR Project requires a one-time fee for lifetime access to all the content plus an optional free affiliate program.

Since I’ve been a member they’ve added hundreds of PLR and MMR to the database.

Some of the niches on this site include:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Faceless marketing (over 500 pieces of content in this niche)
  • Motherhood
  • Teachers
  • Health & wellness
  • Beauty
  • Finance
  • Real estate
  • Coaching 
  • Faith

2. Digital PLR Hub 

This site has a growing list of PLR and MMR written by various authors.

Buy your content at Digital PLR Hub or join the monthly membership for $29 which includes training, templates, and community to set up a digital product store.

I got into the membership when it was $9 a month but I still think $29 is very reasonable for what you get.

Some of the niches on this site include:

  • Faceless marketing kit
  • Daily meal plans
  • Airnb welcome book template
  • Weight loss journals
  • Wedding planners
  • Journal bundles
  • Fitness Bundles
  • Digital Marketing MMR
  • Pet niche bundle

3. Love Marketing PLR Hub 

Buy PLR and MMR from the Love Marketing Shop or become a lifetime member to have a digital marketing Shopify store set up for you.

This is a good option if you are new to digital marketing and want to sell to a variety of niches.

With “Done For You Shop” you become part of a marketing team with weekly live and recorded training, a free email marketing backend system, and you get paid when people you refer get set up with their shop.

Its growing list of PLR and MMR includes:

  • Ultimate Branding Course (MMR)
  • Road Map (MMR)
  • Social Bloom (MMR)
  • Social Media templates
  • Health & Wellness planners and bundles
  • Pregnancy bundles
  • Real Estate templates
  • Faceless marketing templates and reels
  • Faith bases bundles

Read my full review and why I joined the Love Marketing Team

This Digital Marketing guide below is an example of what is offered by Love Marketing

All I did was create the image, add a link to my shop, and let Love Marketing do the rest.

Digital Marketing

4. Reseller PLR

Arun Chandler at Reseller PLR writes great content and sends great Freebies.

Just this morning he sent 54 Editable Journals and Planners for FREE.

I’ve used his content on my website to get traffic from Pinterest.

He often sells limited qualities of his PLR which makes him unique. 

Here are just some of the types of PLR articles and bundles in his shop:

5. Socially Inclined

Socially Inclined doesn’t sell PLR exactly but they are a great resource for social media templates and they offer social media services such as monthly posting plans and a full social suite.

I’ve got a lot of value out of their free newsletter and training.

You can become an affiliate for free and earn 20% from your referrals.

How To Use PLR For Your Business

You can use PLR in various ways:

  • for your free opt-in 
  • to beef up your own content
  • to create full articles on your site
  • to sell in your digital store
  • to use as images on Pinterest
  • to use for content in your newsletters
  • to use for content for Flipboard (are you a blogger? You need to learn about it)

I talk more about using PLR in this article

Best place to buy PLR for your business

What I’ve Done With PLR

I’ve used PLR (private label rights) on my website for years.

You could say I went a little PLR-crazy when I found out all the good content available.

I’ve used PLR content for freebies, full articles, parts of articles, and digital products like printables and guides.

Here’s an example of a PLR I used.

I got the “75 Day Medium Challenge printable” from the PLR Project, wrote an article around the topic, and used the printable as a freebie to help grow my wellness email list.

I just posted it last month and I’m already getting a lot of traffic to my site from Pinterest.

This is the Opt-In I created ⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇


Won’t I Be Sharing The Same Content As Everyone Else?

First off, you’re assuming people use the PLR they buy.

I’ve got hundreds of PLR articles on my computer that I bought and never used.

It takes some work to use PLR or sometimes you buy it and decide not to use it.

Think about it, you do need to edit it, find photos for your website, put it in your store, and figure out what emails to send after purchase or if it’s a freebie.

So, don’t worry about too many people using the same content.

Best place to buy PLR

Should You Sell PLR Or MMR?

For beginners, reselling low-ticket items like ebooks and templates is often much easier than reselling high-priced courses.

When it comes to reselling courses for $497, many claim it’s “easy,” but that’s not the full story.

From my experience selling courses, here’s what they don’t tell you:

  • You often need a larger audience due to low conversion rates, which typically hovers around 1%.
  • Building trust and credibility is crucial, often requiring either a sizable following or outstanding marketing skills.
  • Customer support is its own challenge, requiring a team to handle the high level of post-purchase support.

However, selling products like ebooks or workbooks can be simpler:

  • Higher conversion rates: These products can see conversion rates of 10-15%, meaning a smaller audience can yield profits.
  • Lower credibility threshold: Priced under $100, they appeal to impulse buyers and don’t demand a huge reputation.
  • Easy delivery: A PDF or template link fulfills the sale, eliminating support, billing, and technical issues.

Where is the best place to buy PLR

Should You Become A PLR Affiliate?

The only answer is yes.

If you use a product and they have an affiliate program it makes good business sense to become an affiliate.

Then when appropriate you can share your links or add the products to your store to make them available for your site visitors or email list.

If you are in the digital space then becoming a PLR and MMR affiliate is essential.

You can still sell your own but this allows you to have multiple content sources for your customers.

It helps them and it helps you.

People are making a nice residual just in affiliate marketing and you can too.

(that’s for another article).

Bottom Line

PLR content can be useful for your business by allowing you to get content out faster than if you wrote it all yourself.

Hopefully, you’ll find useful PLR content for your business at the sites I recommended above.

If you have other PLR resources, please leave me a comment.

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