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I recently had the opportunity to chat with Courtney Willis about her new blog Mommy’s Bananas.

Courtney won me over when she told me she’s been replacing all her chemical based cleaners with more natural ones and she got rid of all the scented products in her home.

I love it when I hear a new mom is learning ways to help their families live less toxic!



More About Courtney

Courtney lives with her husband and baby in Toronto, Canada.

She had her first baby at 38 and found herself without a group of moms she could relate to.

All the Moms she already knew had children beyond the baby stage and all the NEW moms she met seemed totally put together.

She decided that if she couldn’t find a bestie to relate to, she would be one to others!

She figured there must be other moms out there like her who were stumbling through the madness of being a first-time mom and needing someone to hold their hand along the way.

She’ll be blogging about how to survive the chaos of the toughest hood there is –MOTHERHOOD – without completely going bananas.

She’s got plans for some “How To Videos” about various topics including bathing a newborn and starting solid food.

Also, she will be sharing about less toxic baby tips!

Most importantly she says, she will be sharing all her mistakes so that new moms know that not everything is perfect. (I think that is especially helpful for those days when you feel everyone else has it figured out.)


This isn’t Courtney’s baby. I just thought it was super cute! 🙂

Hop On Over To Mommy’s Bananas

If you find yourself in the same place Courtney was when she became a new mom then hop on over to her blog and grab her Free Printable.

10 Tips To Help Get You Through The Days You’re Going Totally Bananas

I bet every mom would appreciate the tips. Even if you aren’t a new mom!

She will be launching her blog this summer so be sure to subscribe so you will be on her list to get notified when her blog goes live.

Until then you can follow her on Pinterest and Instagram  

I just love her humor and fun posts she has on Instagram. I think you will too.

After you visit her site, come back over here and let me know in the comments.



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