Monat – My New Favorite Toxic Free Hair Care Products

Update May 2019: I still use the Monat products. I switched out for a few months to give my hair a change but back at using them.
My friend Daneen will take care of you if you wish to order any of the products. Go here to her link

Update April 2018: I wrote this original post on September 22, 2015. I’ve continued to use the Monat products faithfully since then.

I also bought some for David to use since Monat is supposed to help reduce hair loss.

We both enjoy the products and we recommend them to our friends.

Since taking the photo below I’ve added some highlights and straighten it.

Monat helps my color last longer and keeps it healthy considering all the heat I use on it.

I get a lot of questions about Monats ingredients and from my research, they appear to be toxic free and contain some of my favorite essential oils!

I’m really picky when it comes to my beauty products.

I want to use products that are the least toxic possible because I get enough toxins in the areas I can’t control and the random junk food I eat.

As always, you should research for yourself before you decide.

(I love using this Blow Out Cream to straighten my hair)

How Long Do You Go Between Haircuts?

It’s been 12 weeks since I’ve had my last appointment.

Normally, I get a trim about every 8 weeks because my ends are splitting by then.

Today, I went to see my stylist and she told me I didn’t need a trim because I didn’t have split ends and my hair looked really healthy.

Hum, could it be the hair products I’ve been using since the last time she cut my hair?

This is what my hair looked like at 12 weeks since my last cut.

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Stacy Russell

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My stylist rarely tries to sell me hair products so when she told me about Monat I knew they must be something special.

She used several of the Monat products on my hair and I left the salon that day with samples.

Eager to find out if the products were less toxic than regular shampoo and how they might help my hair I searched for the company website to learn about the ingredients.

I was delighted to learn that MONAT’s ingredients are “naturally-based, safe, pure and sustainable”.

They contain essential oils to strengthen your hair and reduce breakage.

You can read more details about their ingredients at their site like I did.

Here’s What Monat Doesn’t Contain:


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My Stylist Is A Perfectionist

My stylist is a perfectionist and never lets me leave the chair with even one split end so for her not to cut my hair today was amazing.

Since I’ve been using the Monat shampoo and conditioner I haven’t had to wash my hair every day either.

So not only has my hair gotten healthier I’ve also been saving a lot of time each morning.

Can I Make A Recommendation?

If you are in the market for toxic free hair care products or want to extend the time between haircuts then you should check out the Monat product line.

Learn More –>> Go HERE