31 Fitness Hacks You Need To Know

These hacks won’t be a surprise to you but they might get you motivated and get you going again.

Don’t let yourself get sedentary and find yourself out of shape or worse, unhealthy.

Start slow. Take it one day at a time. Make staying healthy a life long goal.

Fitness hacks to get healthier

1) Set An Appointment And Make It A Date

If you set up an ongoing appointment with a friend whose fitness levels are at the same level as yours then your mutual motivation will help each other and you are more likely to stick with an exercise program.

It doesn’t even have to be something formal. Just a brisk walk in the evening with a friend or spouse will help you get daily movement in your life.

2) Have A Snack

Don’t drastically cut your calories at the same time you start exercising.

If you’re running low on fuel and starting up exercising again you could slow down your metabolism and for sure you won’t feel good.

You don’t want to do this. Have a snack of complex carbohydrates and proteins to keep your metabolism going and have the energy to exercise.

Note: That’s not the same as snacking all day or eating every 3 hours (that doesn’t work for everyone either).

Fitness Hacks 2020

3) Put Your Shoes On

By making baby steps you will be overcome the urge to stay at home and not make it past your front door.

Once you’ve put on your shoes you will have started yourself on the path to getting out of the house to your workout or take the dog for a walk.

Diet quotes

4) Eat Healthier

It doesn’t really matter what you do for exercise and fitness if you eat junk.

A sweet treat or pizza every once in a while is fine but when we eat more fruits, vegetables, and grass-fed/plant-based protein our body will function better.

Note: If you struggle with a diet plan consider a program such as the Isagenix 30 Day System to jump-start your fitness program.

5) Eat Most Of Your Food Early In The Day

By eating the bulk of your calories in the early part of your day you will be able to make it through your workouts throughout the day.

Can you Buy shakeolgy in a store.

6) Don’t Ruin Your Progress With Cheap Protein Shakes

I know it seems easy just to throw in the biggest tub of protein shake mix into your cart at Walmart but you could be doing more harm than good.

Check the ingredients on your protein to be sure it contains no artificial ingredients such a sweeteners and fillers.  Whey protein is my first choice and I try to stay away from soy.

Some protein shakes to try:

Isagenix Isalean Shakes – These are full meal replacements that come in either grass-fed whey or plant-based. 
Kiss My Keto – They have a variety of keto protein shakes and snacks. 

7) Stay Hydrated

Dehydration can drag your energy down. 

Even 45 minutes of exercise can make you dehydrated so don’t rely on thirst to provide you a signal to drink water, take a sip every 15-20 minutes while you workout.

If you sweat a lot you might consider taking electrolytes.

Some healthy ones to check out:

Isagenix Hydrate 
Coconut Water
Ultima Replenisher

Can Men Drink Isagenix Collagen

8) Make It Fun

If you’re bored of the same old routine try linking your exercise with an escape, social activity, or happiness.

For example, I make it a point to jump on the trampoline with my daughters a few times a week.

They’ve made up games that tire me out which I consider that exercise. 😆 

9) Make It Rewarding

If you make your goals behavior-oriented and give yourself a reward after performing these behaviors you will be more likely to stick to your goal and achieve it.

An example would be to set a goal of working out 3 times a week, and once you achieve it give yourself a reward like watching your favorite television show, or getting a massage.

Workout With Your Kids

10) Look After A Dog Or Toddler

Almost every dog enjoys a walk and after a few times, they’ll be reminding you it’s time to go!

When my girls were younger we took a walk every day after lunch. We got some exercise while absorbing some vitamin D plus the bonus they were tired for their afternoon nap.

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11) Try Interval Style Exercise

Interval-style exercise can burn more calories per minute when compared to steady-state cardio.

It also requires less time making it a more effective and time-saving workout.

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12) Create A Music Playlist

Listening to music while exercising will help you relax your muscles and encourage blood flow, distract you from fatigue, and helps with your coordination.

Try some of these music apps on your phone:

Fit Radio – is a music-streaming app that also has playlists for guided workouts.
Rock My Run – this fitness app plays music and changes the tempo based on your footfalls or heart rate and keeps track of your runs.
Spring Moves – running and walking music tailored to your taste and rhythm.

13) Cover All Your Bases

By covering these 3 areas of fitness – strength, cardiovascular, and flexibility – you will be able to keep your energy level up, metabolism burning high and your body free from injury.

Try mixing in different workout plans each week.

Video workouts that burn calories

14) Try A New Video Program

There are endless free workouts online.

Some to check out:

FitnessBlender.com – They have 100’s of free and paid videos. With their free account, you can set up a workout calendar which makes it easy to stay on track. I also like that they are modestly dressed and safe for family use. 

Daily Burn – Their 30-day free trial offer gives you access to thousands of different workouts videos. 

Amazon – Don’t forget Amazon as a source for new workouts and if you have Prime many of them are free.

15) Change Up Your Workout

If you’re finding that your workout is no longer giving you benefits then change any one of these things at a time: the intensity of the exercise, the frequency of your exercise, or the duration of your exercise.

Try changing something once a month and see if your results change.

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16) Start Changing Your Frequency First

If you are working out once a week, try adding in more workouts during your week. Once you have made your exercise a habit you will be able to start increasing the intensity and duration of each workout.

17) Develop Realistic Expectations

Within 3 days your heart should become more efficient, and you will find that running upstairs is no longer an exhausting effort.

Other things such as changes in fat percentage, muscle development, and weight might take a little longer, up to 2 months even.

18) Do Some Chores The “Old Fashioned Way”

Instead of using the remote, get up and switch the channels on the tv itself or open your garage door manually instead.

The amount of labor-saving devices has lowered the number of calories we burn each week.

19) Invest In A trainer

You will be able to have fine-tuned workouts that produce extra results without wasting your own time and effort if you hire a personal trainer. They will be able to schedule follow up visits and keep you accountable.

If you can’t get to the gym or have the extra money to get a trainer go back to #13.

Workout Fitness Hacks

20) Don’t Forget Weight Training

With weight training, you could start to see health benefits even before you start doing cardio. Weight training helps develop strength in important areas such as the trunk, lower back, and hip area.

By being stronger, you will be less likely to get injured running or in a fitness class.

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21) Move At Every Chance

You might be lulled into thinking “I’ve already done my workout today, I don’t need to exert any more effort”.

Consider challenging that reasoning by using all opportunities to work your body.

✔At the grocery store use a basket instead of a shopping cart.

✔Move some objects by hand instead of using a wheelbarrow.

✔Mow your neighbors lawn (or your own if you don’t already)

✔If you have stairs in your home run them a few times before you sit down to dinner

22) Take Care Of Injuries

If you have an injury it is important to seek medical help, if you continue to train with an injury it could put you out of action for longer and set back your fitness goals.

If you are just sore consider a foam roller (my husband’s go-to tool) or check out the Fascia Blaster (it is my go-to tool) to help your muscles recover.

23) Get A Health Check-up

If you’re going to be at the doctor’s anyway, get your blood work done. You will be able to see if your exercise efforts have helped with your cholesterol, blood sugar, and triglycerides level.

By tracking this data you will be able to track your progress in the future.

24) Get A Referral

If you’ve been injured and been told to rest and recover, ask your doctor for a referral to a physical therapist.

They might be able to show you alternative exercises you can do in the meantime that could include appropriate stretches, alternative weight exercises, or even yoga.

25) Reclaim Control

If you’ve been injured and unable to work out, you can still control your eating.

By having a strong focus and mindset with your eating habits, this will translate into your workout habits once you have recovered from injury.

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26) Create A Workout Journal 

Write down how you feel after every workout, and anytime you feel that you don’t have the motivation to workout have a look at your journals.

They will remind you of the amazing feeling and help you get over your motivation issues.

27) Use A Fitness Tracker

My daughters love to track their steps on their FitBit so they can see how far they walked each day.

They log their distance and attempt to beat it the next workout.

Trackers make it fun to connect with your friends so you hold each other accountable or just to share on social media.

Some to check out:

Strava– This one tracks & analyzes while allowing you to share, connect, and compete with your friends.

Nike+Run Club – This App includes GPS, tracking, challenges, guided runs, and coaching plans.  

Simple Pedometer – I actually prefer to use a cheap tracker so I don’t waste time with setup and helps me disconnect.

28) Remember Why You Started

If you remember the original goals of why you are working out in the first place it will help you stay on track.

Whether it is to fit into a certain pair of jeans or whatever reason, it will get you into the gym and working out.

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29) Try Group Fitness

By being in a group the energy of the other people in your group will keep you from quitting and also help you stay accountable.

You don’t want to be that person who quits early right?

My friend loves Camp Gladiator and finds it motivates her to get out of bed to workout with like-minded people.

30) Get Addicted To The Post-Exercise Endorphin Rush

By knowing that after a good workout you will have an amazing endorphin rush afterward is sometimes all the motivation you will need!

31) Make Your Exercise Your Favorite Thing

If you are doing your favorite activity as your form of exercise you will never need to motivate yourself. If you don’t have a favorite, keep trying new things until you do.

32) Enjoy The Journey

Sometimes the destination isn’t the best part of the journey. Learn to enjoy the process of getting fit and into good health.

I’d love to know what keeps you motivated!


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