What Is In The Avon Starter Kit?

You can start Avon for free but Avon has an amazing Avon starter kit for $30.

Keep reading to learn more about the Avon conststarter kit and how you can become an Avon Representative.
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How Much Does It Cost To Join Avon?

As I said you can join Avon for free but why not take advantage of one of the Avon representative start kits?

The Avon starter kit changes periodically but the kit usually includes full-size products, brochures, and samples.

(For instance, the Avon Starter Kit 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019 were much different than they are today.)

The kit ships for free, all tax included, with no annual fees, and includes free digital tools and perks.

Even if you don’t do anything with the business you won’t regret signing up to be your own representative with this great starter kit.

Avon starter kit

What Comes In The Avon Starter Kit?

This is the unboxing I posted on Pinterest to show what comes with the Avon starter kit.

I didn’t realize I was getting all these full-size products when I created my Avon account. 

Avon Starter Kit Collection

You’ll be able to jumpstart your new business with the Avon starter kit because you will get a chance to try some of Avon’s newest bestsellers.

Explore them yourself or share the products with your friends and family. 

Take note: The starter kit changes periodically, so check the Avon website.

Avon Starter Kit

What Does The Current Avon Starter Kit Include?

  • Isa Knox LXNEW Clean Soothing Whipped Oil Cleanser full size
  • Anew Vitamin C Illuminating Body Serum, full size
  • Isa Knox Anew Clinical Collagen Booster Microneedling Polisher, full size
  • Jeju Aloe Fresh Ice Soothing Gel, full size
  • Dr. Groot Microbiome Scalp Fortifying Exfoliating Shampoo, full size
  • belif The True Cream Aqua Bomb, 6 Samples
  • Farm Rx Bakuchiol Eye Cream, 6 Samples
  • Isa Knox LXNEW Platinum Sculpting Night Cream, 6 Samples

How Many Brochures In The Avon Starter Kit?

You will get Avon catalogs so you can give them out to your friends.

Each of your new customers can get a free catalog with their first order.

You can order more catalogs when you need them but most people use the online catalog.

  • 5 Customer Brochures
  • 5 Customer Flyers 
  • 1 Rep-Exclusive catalog (What’s New)

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What Digital Tools And Perks Are Included In The Avon Starter Kit?

  • Free personalized online store for 24/7 sales
  • Free best-in-class training
  • Free Digital Catalog & virtual try-on tool
  • Free shareable videos & more
  • Free website to manage & plan your business
  • Exclusive offers & rev/ards
  • Discounted tuition
  • 24/7 telemedicine

Avon starter kit

How Much Does It Cost To Start Selling Avon?

For a limited time you can join Avon and become an Avon rep for free.

You can buy the 30$ starter kit when you register or you can wait and buy your products once you talk to your team leader.

For a limited time right now, when you place your first order of any amount on Avon.com, you will get a free welcome gift product valued at $40.

If your first order is $60+, you’ll get a $10 credit to use in your second campaign.

Reach out to the person who told you about Avon to get the lastest information about all the free gi

Avon Starter Kit

Additional Benefits Of Becoming An Avon Representative 

The main reason I became an Avon representative was because of the extra perks.

These are amazing deals just for becoming an Avon representative and are not available to other companies.

LG Partner Store

All active Avon Representatives have access to the LG Partner Store. With the LG Partner Store account, you’ll be able to get exclusive major discounts on LG electronics, home appliances, and tech!

Avon Perks

This is your one-stop portal for discounts on top brands and local deals.

Avon Perks is also where you find exclusive offers for Representatives such as access to affordable healthcare options, tuition discounts, Avon-branded merchandise, and business support tools. 

How To Sign Up To Become An Avon Representative?

Will I Get Social Media Marketing Training?

If selling online is how you want to run your business then you’ve contacted the right Avon Sales Leader team! 

We have a Facebook group dedicated to training team members to sell Avon online through social media and regular online training sessions.

The team I’m part of has several of the top online representatives in Avon.

You’ll learn all the secrets to building online.

How To Sell Avon Online?

The great thing about joining an Avon team that you join online is you know they already know how to market online. 

My upline built the majority of their business online and they will help you build your Avon business online with live training in their Facebook group and youtube.

How Does Selling Avon Online Work?

When you join Avon you will get your own referral link.

You can use this link on all your social media accounts or on your own website.

How Does Avon Pay You For Online Sales?

Avon pays you directly via direct deposit or a debit card.

You will set your commission payments inside your Avon account.

You will start earning a percentage of your team’s sales and be paid every two weeks.

Do Avon Representatives Get A Discount On Products?

Yes, when you buy your Avon products inside your Avon representative account you will receive 25% off on purchases of $40 or more.

Avon Starter Kit

How Much Will  I Earn With Avon?

Avon representatives earn 25% on every order placed (including your own). Once you are qualified you can earn up to 40%.

What Are The Avon Sponsoring Bonuses?

When you share the Avon opportunity, and someone decides to join your team you are now eligible for Sponsoring bonuses!

You are rewarded on an ongoing basis when you and your new Representatives place orders.

When you sell $50 or more in a campaign, you’ll earn the 3% sponsoring bonus on the Personal Sales of all Representatives you recruited.

This is paid in addition to any other bonuses you may be earning on those sales.

There is no sales requirement or limit for the new Representative on your team – whether they sell $1 or $10,000 in a campaign, you receive the sponsoring bonus.  

Avon Starter Kit

Are There Avon Coupons?

You can create a promotional offer (Coupon Code) for your customers that will provide you with a way to strategically build your business.

Choose from a selection of offers you want to promote and invest in, like shipping, samples, and percent-off discounts.

You will be able to choose when they run and spread the word via automatically-generated emails to the customers YOU select from your Avon Web Office Address Book.

Offers will range in cost but there will frequently be offers that will not cost you anything! 

What Are Live Shopping Events?

Avon Live is the live shopping experience that allows customers to tune into for live shopping events on Avon.com on a specific day and time to purchase the featured products and take advantage of exclusive offers for one day only.

Each Avon Live experience offers a specific assortment of Avon products, allowing the host time to explain each one in detail and interact with attendees via chat.

Avon Starter kit to become a representative

How Do Avon Live Shopping Events Help Me Build My Business?

You can share your unique live shopping link with your customers so they can easily shop on your online store before, during, or after the events.

When your customers register for the event beforehand they get a chance to win prizes, receive reminder emails to tune in, get exclusive deals during the live shopping event, and get the best prices by shopping via your link.

How Will I Be Paid?

When you deliver your orders you’ll collect the money from your customer.

If your customer orders online you will receive the commission from Avon. 

How Much Does It Cost To Join Avon?

You can join Avon for free and get many of the above benefits but the best way to join is with the $30 Starter Kit.

Avon Starter Kit

Do I Have To Sell Avon Door To Door To Make Money?

You do not have to sell Avon door to door.

There are many ways to sell Avon online via Facebook groups, websites, Instagram, Pinterest, or simply via friends who want you to be their personal Avon representative.

The representatives that make the most money do sell Avon in a variety of ways because with any business it does take work to build it.

Avon catalog

How Do I Join Avon To Become An Avon Influencer?

  • Apply online at the pink button below.
  • Provide the Required Information.
  • Choose An Avon Affiliate Account Password.
  • Choose your Preferred Avon Beauty Influencer Package.
  • Click Submit to complete your Avon Affiliate Sign Up.
  • A member of the team will email you within 48 hours to set up a call so be sure to respond.

Avon Starter Kit - Become an avon rep

Not Ready To Join Avon?

Get on the Avon mailing list to keep up to date on all the deals and discounts or put your name in the drawing for the Avon giveaway.

You could win over $400 in free products! 

Avon Sweepstakes - Online Catalog

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