12 Compelling Reasons To Purchase The Fascia Blaster

The Fascia Blaster is a handheld tool that is similar to a dry brush and foam roller, but it reaches the inside layers of your skin rather than just on top. You may have seen this thing on Facebook. The creator of … Read More

Bakuchiol vs Retinol

If you’ve ever used skincare products, you’re probably familiar with retinol. It’s a popular ingredient in anti-aging products that helps reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and other signs of aging. However, retinol can be irritating and cause redness, flakiness, and sensitivity, especially for … Read More

6 Health Benefits Of Owning A Dog

In the whirlwind of life, finding peace and well-being often feels like a Herculean task. Responsibilities pile up, deadlines loom, and stress levels surge. Amidst this chaos, we often forget the simple pleasures that hold the potential to counterbalance these strains and … Read More

What Is Worse For Cholesterol: Sugar or Fat?

Keeping an eye on your cholesterol levels seems a normal part of life, as it is not uncommon to hear someone say that they are watching their diet because of high cholesterol. Elevated cholesterol levels are a concern for a lot of … Read More

27 Healthy Snacks For Children and Adults

I’m often asked what I feed our girls for snacks. Actually, if I am honest, several of our snack food items are usually added together to make lunch. We homeschool and run our business from home so my snack ideas apply to what … Read More

20 Easy DIY Essential Oil Recipes Men Will Love

Essential oils aren’t just for women! Men love using them too. In this post, I’ll list some of the most common essential oils men love plus recipes you can make using essential oils. Plus, don’t miss the discount code I secured from … Read More


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