Affordable Christmas Gifts Your Friends and Family Will Love

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14 Tasty Recipes Using Isagenix Whey Protein

Anyone who has used Isagenix knows they have the best tasting protein powder but most importantly it’s toxin-free and won’t harm your body. I’ve tried dozens of different protein powders over the years and while some tasted good a lot of them contained … Read More

Isagenix Raspberry Cheesecake Isalean Protein Shake

Savor the flavor of rich, creamy raspberry cheesecake! This nutritious meal replacement tastes like a luscious treat. This new shake flavor tastes great with the same wholesome ingredients of the other Isagenix Shakes. The IsaLean Shake is a nutritious, balanced 240-calorie meal … Read More

Isagenix Protein Ball Recipes

No-bake protein balls are all the rave right now. You can make them with just about any protein and common ingredients you have in your pantry. You can’t mess them up. Just get out a bowl, mix together some protein, peanut butter, … Read More

6 Essential Oil DIY Gift Mistakes You Can Avoid Plus Gift Ideas

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12 Amazing Health Benefits Of Yoga

Yoga is one of the oldest forms of physical fitness. It is believed to be about five thousand years old. As a Christian, I’ve been apprehensive about doing Yoga because of the roots in Hindu and Eastern religions but what I’ve learned … Read More


Superfood Nutritional Cleansing System

Superfood Nutritional Cleansing System

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