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Isagenix Cookies and Cream Protein Shake - Buy Yours Here!

This shake will be on sale on December 29th for a limited time. Bookmark this page or get on my list. Buy Your Isagenix Shakes Today Now is your chance to buy the Isagenix Whole Blend Cookies and Cream Isalean [...]

15 Amazing Essential Oil Holiday Diffuser Blends

I love experimenting with different essential oil blends especially during the holidays and since we don't have a real Christmas tree diffusing a "Christmas tree blend" brings in the nice smell without all the messy pine needles! The holiday-inspired diffuser [...]

9 Easy Ways To Instantly Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

We live in a world where all of our actions impact the planet. While doing simple activities, such as driving to work every day or drinking out of a water bottle, may not seem like harmful things to the planet, [...]

Is Your Coffee Maker Toxic? 6 Plastic Free Coffee Makers To Buy in 2020

So I admit I love coffee in the morning and over the last few years I've gotten my husband addicted, too. We've discussed numerous times about if coffee is healthy for us and as you probably know it depends on [...]

6 Essential Oil DIY Gift Mistakes You Can Avoid Plus Gift Ideas

To save you some grief next holiday season I jotted down a few things to consider before you start making Christmas gifts with essential oils.  I've made plenty of these mistakes and learned from others that these are pretty common [...]

The Science Behind Collagen Supplements

Collagen has become a popular ingredient appearing in everything from collagen gummies, liquid collagen, to coffee creamers. It’s been touted for benefits including more youthful skin and healthy joints, but does science back the claims? Note: If you are looking [...]

Effective And Easy Essential Oil Blends For Headaches

I use a variety of essential oils each week. Sometimes, I diffuse an oil to freshen the air or I grab Lavender for a burn. Recently, I slathered on Lavender and Peppermint when I had a headache but it didn't [...]

What Are Obesogens?

“Obesogens”, a term coined for industrial toxins present in our environment, might very well be the primary reason behind obesity. Obesity is spreading like an epidemic, but it looks like poor diet and health routines along with lack of exercise [...]