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Effective And Easy Essential Oil Blends For Headaches

I use a variety of essential oils each week. Sometimes, I diffuse an oil to freshen the air or I grab Lavender for a burn. Recently, I slathered on Lavender and Peppermint when I had a headache but it didn't [...]

What Are Obesogens?

“Obesogens”, a term coined for industrial toxins present in our environment, might very well be the primary reason behind obesity. Obesity is spreading like an epidemic, but it looks like poor diet and health routines along with lack of exercise [...]

Essential Oil Diffuser Jewelry and Recipes

I've been into oils for a few years but it wasn't until recently that I started wearing them! You know on a diffuser bracelet, nose ring, or necklace. Stainless Steel Sunflower Pattern I received my first diffuser necklace as a birthday present from [...]

19 Self-Care Strategies To Improve Your Mental And Physical Health

There are tons of good habits that one can add to their life to improve their physical and mental health. We all seem to lead such hectic lives and it's easy to stop doing the things we know are good [...]

13 Top Superfoods For Your Health And Immune System In 2020

Imagine eating something delicious that can help lower your cholesterol, reduce the risk of cancer and heart diseases, boost your immune system, or even put you in a better mood with no side effects! These are none other than the [...]

31 Fitness Hacks You Need To Know

These hacks won't be a surprise to you but they might get you motivated and get you going again. Don't let yourself get sedentary and find yourself out of shape or worse, unhealthy. Start slow. Take it one day at [...]

12 Powerful Essential Oils For Digestion and Constipation

We've all suffered at some point from stomach problems such as indigestion, constipation, upset stomach, nausea (like motion sickness) some other digestive problem at some point. It's no fun and can make you feel awful. While there are plenty of [...]

Top 5 Plants for Detoxifying Your Home

The quality of air indoors is just as important as it is outdoors, because on average, a significant amount of time is spent by people inside their homes. What’s more interesting is the fact that the inside air isn’t void [...]