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19 Health Benefits Of Grapefruit Seed Extract

Usually, grapefruit brings to mind a big juicy fruit eaten for breakfast but did you know that the seeds of that fruit have many healing uses? I read recently about a nose spray containing grapefruit seed extract that could help [...]

Can I Buy Isagenix In The UK?

You can buy the Isagenix products in the United States, United Kindom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Mexico, Malaysia, Ireland, The Netherlands, Spain, South Korea, Belgium, Puerto Rico, Columbia, Singapore, Taiwan, and Indonesia. Buy Isagenix either as a retail [...]

9 Benefits Of Ashwagandha You Need To Know About

Ashwagandha is an herb that has been used in Indian Ayurvedic medicine for centuries to improve one’s health. Known as ‘Indian ginseng’, ashwagandha belongs to a group of herbs known as adaptogens. They’re known as such because of their ability [...]

What Is The Difference Between Isagenix Associate And Preferred Customer

What’s The Difference Between An Isagenix Associate, A Preferred Customer, And A Retail Customer? Isagenix Associate Someone who wants to get the products at a reduced wholesale price and participate in the Isagenix compensation plan. Preferred Customer Someone who wants [...]

What Are Adaptogens?

As the name suggests, “adapt”ogens are a kind of herb that helps the body adapt to the environment and increase its ability to shield itself from stress and environmental harm. If you believe in the antioxidant properties of green tea, [...]

Adapt Yourself: Adaptogens and Stress Relief

We live in a high-pressure environment. Stress from relationships, finances, and careers can pile on top of one another.   Before you know it, you live in a state of chronic stress.  This wreaks havoc on our health and our [...]

6 Tips To Sleep Better So You Don't Gain Weight

The recommended sleep cycle is of 8-hours of comfortable sleep, but nearly two-thirds of Americans are unable to get it. Sleep deprivation might be cool if you're a teenager but on a long-term basis, it has serious adverse effects on [...]

5 Powerful Benefits of Astaxanthin

Astaxanthin is a potent antioxidant that provides many benefits. It's also what causes the reddish or pink color in salmon, lobster, and shrimp. The reddish pigment comes from the carotenoids that naturally occur in certain algae which the salmon, lobster, [...]