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You can use essential oils for a variety of issues and one of my favorite ways is for my skincare. It only takes a quick search on Pinterest to find a ton of DIY skincare recipes mixing essential oils for [...]

Over 21 Easy Essential Oil Roller Bottle Recipes That Will Make You A Pro With Your Oils

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Essential Oil Blends For Sleep

Essential oils have long been cherished for their therapeutic properties, and many of them possess the power to soothe your mind, calm your senses, and ease you into a restful night's sleep. One of the first ways I used essential [...]

28 Best Essential Oils For Pain Relief

Pain can stem from many different causes and make even everyday activities cumbersome. I did a little research to learn which essential oils are good for reducing pain and inflammation. Keep reading to learn which ones might help you and how [...]

21+ Best Fall Essential Oil Blends

Did your mom mix up a pot of warming spices such as cinnamon, cloves, vanilla, and nutmeg in a pan of water on the stovetop when you were a kid? Nowadays we can use a diffuser to create scents in [...]

25 Easy Lemongrass Diffuser Blends

Lemongrass essential oil has a refreshing, citrusy aroma that is often described as being similar to lemon, but softer and more subtle. It has a bright, uplifting fragrance and smells really great alone or mixed with other oils in a [...]

11 Awesome Essential Oil Blends That Smell Like Candy

I never would have thought about candy essential oil blends unless a friend interested in making body scrubs hadn't asked me about them. She specifically wanted to know about essential oil blends that smell like cotton candy. So I did [...]

20 Easy DIY Essential Oil Recipes Men Will Love

Essential oils aren't just for women! Men love using them too. In this post, I'll list some of the most common essential oils men love plus recipes you can make using essential oils. Plus, don't miss the discount code I [...]