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11 Sports That Will Help You Burn Fat

Whether you absolutely loved playing sports in high school and were the king or queen of the jocks or would use any opportunity to avoid PE, there’s no denying that physical exercise is the best way to burn fat and [...]

10 Easy Ways To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

I love the holidays and all the sweet treats and savory foods associated with them. What about you? It all starts with Halloween candy followed by bountiful food at Thanksgiving, Christmas parties, New Year's Eve, and before you know it [...]

7 Reasons Why Your Smoothie Might Be Hindering Weight Loss

Protein smoothies and protein shakes can be a great way to help you stay full and fuel you with nutrients. However, if you buy some of the premade smoothies at "smoothie stores" you need to be careful about how they [...]

Can I Buy Shakeology In A Store?

You can not buy Shakeology in a store such as Walmart, Target, Costco, Sam's, or GNC. The only way to buy it is at or from a friend that sells it. Can You Buy Shakeology Without A Coach? You [...]

Isagenix Everyday Health Pack

Meet the Everyday Health Pack! It's a super simple and affordable system you can try out for 30 days.  The Everyday Health Pack starts with a delicious superfood meal replacement, botanical adaptogens to combat stress, and a nutrient-dense tonic to [...]

What Is An Isagenix Whey Day

One of the best approaches to overcoming a plateau is to consume higher amounts of protein throughout the day. This is sometimes called "Protein Pacing". Not only will consuming more protein boost your metabolism, but it will also support lean [...]

What Is The Isagenix Shred Pack?

The Isagenix Shred Pack was created as a result of the fantastic benefits seen by a group of people using the ER Shred Protocol. They combined a unique set of Isagenix products that have helped countless people lose weight and [...]

How To Maximize Your Weight Loss While Using Isagenix

Maximizing your weight loss on Isagenix isn't hard but you do need to make a commitment. You've spent your hard-earned money so you don't want to have regrets. If this is your first time using Isagenix for weight loss it's [...]