About Stacy

Hi friend, thanks for joining me here. You can tell by my tag line that my site is about toxins. You may not have given them much thought before or you may be overwhelmed and frustrated since you’ve learned about them.

I remember when I first learned about toxins in our environment, food, and our bodies. I was totally stunned and surprised.

At times, I felt like giving up because I thought there was no way I could ever figure it all out and  I couldn’t possibly live toxic-free.

I felt like I was doomed to failure and was poisoning my children with everything I did.


How I Learned About Toxins In The First Place

Everything changed when we had kids. (I bet most of you with children can attest to that.)  Up until then, I thought we were healthy, we took our vitamins, exercised, didn’t smoke, and lived the best we knew how.

The major shift occurred after a friend asked me if I would consider natural childbirth.

All it took was one web search about natural birth that led to hours of research about natural living.

I went from that woman who was “never having children” to that “granola mom”.

I had both daughters without drugs, nursed each of them until they were almost 18 months old,  and only fed them organic foods.

However, despite their good start, they both had eczema which led me to hours of more research on skin care.

Wow, another mind-blow. I found out about all the toxins in the products we use ON our bodies and the hidden toxins IN our homes.

I never did figure out what exactly caused their eczema (even though I tried) nor can I say any one thing healed them (except God) but I can tell you my eyes were fully opened to all the toxins we are exposed to on a daily basis.

I Wanted To Give Up

As I said above, there were times I felt like giving up.

I would learn about one source of toxins only to discover another. I felt like I couldn’t take my kids anywhere, feed them food I didn’t make from scratch or use a product that I hadn’t fully researched.

It was overwhelming and paralyzing.

At times, I would throw all caution to the wind and forget I even learned anything about toxins. Then I would go back to being really strict.

It was crazy-making!

I Changed My Goal

I finally realized my goal (and yours) should be to live LESS toxic.

It was crazy for me to think I could get rid of every single toxin in my life. It’s simply not possible.

We can try but there are still some things we can’t avoid and other things we can’t change because of our current living situations.

I’ll even admit there are things I have chosen not to give up or I use that I know are toxic.

Why This Blog

Maybe you just stumbled across my blog from Facebook, or you are currently in a state of crazy like I was a few years ago.

Either way, this blog will help you discover ways to avoid toxins with some easy tweaks, become aware of new toxins to avoid, and provide you support.

I want to uncomplicate things so you can live a less toxic life without losing your mind.

If you need to lose weight and feel unhealthy but just can’t figure out why nothing you do changes things then it may be time to step it up a notch and take toxins seriously.

Don’t mess around with your health but don’t stress either.

I’ve spent hours researching and trying different products.

I’ve listened to countless podcasts, summits, completed Dr. Axe’s Institute of Nutritional Leadership Program, and Lara Adler’s Teaching Toxins 4 Week Workshop.

My Favorite Less Toxic Products

I use a lot of different products and when I find ones I like I will share them on my social media or here on the blog.

The ones I’m most passionate about are:

Isagenix – I’ve been using and recommending these products for over 6 years. We use many of the products daily such as the Isalean shakes, vitamins, Immune Support, and Collagen Elixir 

Simply Earth Essential Oils – I buy essential oils from various places and this company is one of my favorites. They offer individual oils and blends plus a fun subscription box. The subscription box comes with 4 Essential Oils, recipes, and all the extras needed to make things like lip balm, blends, and anti-aging lotions. Plus, Simply Earth donates 13% of its sales to help end human trafficking. Read more here


A Few Confessions Before You Continue

  • I know the photo above is a few years old because just haven’t made the time to get a new one done.
  • My favorite place to eat is Olive Garden.
  • I love eating cookie dough.
  • I get raw milk and grass-fed beef/chicken from local farmers but when we run out I may buy regular milk or non-organic meat to last till the next pick up.  I usually buy organic produce but when it’s not available I will buy conventional.
  • I am a self-confessed sugar addict and I’m constantly fighting that battle. I relapse often. Thank goodness I can cleanse and start over.
  • I get my hair colored a couple of times a year at a salon and I use henna to touch up in between. I’m just not ready to go gray yet.
  • I work out during the day with one of the girls as part of our school day.  

We aren’t the perfect family. We are just striving each day to make wise food choices, get healthier, stay in shape, and reduce toxins where we can.

I won’t judge you if you won’t judge me. Deal?

Let’s support each other on this journey to live less toxic.

To your health,


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