Neil Patel is the Real Deal!!!

As a small business owner and blogger I know the struggles of dealing with the overwhelming amount of internet marketing information or should I say mis-information that is out there on the internet.

I have tried to wade through the vast amount of information on search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing (SMM), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or the rest of the alphabet soup that is out there.

I have joined different marketing groups on Facebook, Google+, have joined SEO forums and communities, and all of the information is just overwhelming for a small business owner.

I have read MANY articles which all seem to spew the same info but never actually provide details as to what a small business should do. Most of them just say create great content and people will share it.

I have friend who has been in the SEO industry a long time and he has been telling me things I need to do but some of it didn’t match up with what the regurgitated SEO articles I had been reading said. I was really not sure which way to follow when it comes to the internet marketing.

Last month this same friend forwarded me blog post that Neil Patel wrote. He included this message to me:

“This is a blog post I happened to run across recently. It’s from a guy named Neil Patel and I saw it as a way to expose a bit about how to use the technology to improve your marketing and help realistically plan for the immediate future. I also saw it as a way to explain the reason I advise and suggest the things I do.

This post is long and you may feel you just don’t have time to read it all, I understand.  But I can assure you it will teach more about what’s important to know about marketing online than a million other articles and posts. The vast majority of published material online that is related to seo or online marketing is nothing more than pure crap. Regurgitated nonsense that at best wastes your time and at worst could virtually destroy your online business.

Neil Patel is different. Neil is also one of the most expensive and successful SEO’s on the planet…Mr. Patel doesn’t just repeat some crap he read somewhere else just to mislead people into going to his site to get another 2 cents from advertisers.”

The following is the blog post he is referring to:

5 Engagement Metrics That’ll Help Improve Your Search Rankings

I admit I didn’t read the article right away because it was very long and between the holidays, business and homeschooling my daughters I just didn’t have the time.  I finally printed it last week so I could focus on it and I couldn’t put it down. I scribbled notes all over it. Much of the information in the article was what my friend had been telling me for months, but Neil wrote it in a way I could understand.

I joined Neil Patel’s email list right away because I wanted to read more of what he had to say.  I have also started reading more of the articles posted on his website discovering so many great detailed articles that can help me to launch my business to the next level.  I really wish I would have found his site earlier instead of wasting so much time reading all the mis-information about online marketing.  Well, that is all in the past and I look forward to learning more from this true professional in the online marketing industry.

I can’t wait to start implementing all that I’ve learned from Neil’s website and watch my business grow in 2016.

Thank you, Neil Patel. I owe you much gratitude.