38-Year-Old Mother of Two Transforms Outlook on Life


Repost From Isagenix

Marisa had always been in good shape. That was the lay of the land for this part-time CrossFit trainer and mother of two. Formerly an accountant of a corporation, Marisa decided to follow her passion for health and nutrition seven years ago.

“My friend Brooke approached me about Isagenix in 2012—but I didn’t have weight to lose, so I kept turning her down,” explains Marisa. “I work out five to six days a week. I eat clean. I’m in shape. Ultimately, I didn’t  feel like Isagenix was something I should use.” Little did Marisa know that she was about to discover a different solution for her life.

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Seeing Isagenix in a Different Light

This busy, single mother was struggling to keep her energy high—especially during back-to-back CrossFit workouts and managing her sons’ daily routines. “It was about eight months after being approached about Isagenix that I began to research the company,” shares Marisa. With that, she discovered a common misperception: Isagenix isn’t only about weight loss. It’s about finding a unique solution for individuals. “When exploring the products on the company website, I clicked on the ‘Energy & Performance’ section,” says Marisa. “I started out with a 30-Day Fat Burning and Cleansing System as I knew I needed a good jump-start. I was hoping for more energy and was curious to see what the products could do for my body. After seeing my results after 30 days, I knew this was something everyone needed to know about.” With a tailored 30-Day System with e+™ and Want More Energy?®, her energy went through the roof. “My clothes were fitting differently, I had lost 10 pounds and 3 percent body fat* and I didn’t even realize that I had weight to lose,” exclaims Marisa.

The Courage to Compete

With this new found energy and leaner physique, the 38-year-old decided to compete in a fitness competition. “Because I felt so good, had so much energy and was sleeping better, I felt like I could work hard and my recovery time was less,” explains the trainer. “I had leaned out so much that I decided to train for my first physique bodybuilding competition.” Marisa linked arms with her friend, who was 40 years old. “I did the physique competition for me. I wanted to show myself that I could transform my body and it could be possible,” laughs Marisa.

The Business of Healthy Aging

“After the competition, I just started telling my story and sharing Isagenix,” says Marisa. “And then people wanted to know what I was doing. To me it wasn’t selling—it was sharing.” Now, Marisa has the financial freedom and health she didn’t even know she needed. “To be able to volunteer in my children’s classrooms during the day is a priceless gift,” says Marisa. “I am able to help people meet their goals and free them from whatever pain they’re in, whether that is physical or financial.

Isagenix is a solution I’m able to offer them.” Now as a 2-Star Crystal Executive, 2-Star Golden Circle, Marisa solely has intentions to use her residual income for her family. “I have the freedom to build a legacy for my family and I can do it with my boys right beside me,” she shares. “I will never have to miss any of their important moments.” But most importantly, Marisa is adamant about sharing solutions for others with Isagenix. “I know that because I reached my healthy aging goals with my family beside me that others can, too,” says Marisa. “There is a better and a different way with Isagenix—you just have to find out which solution works best for you.”

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