How 5 Minutes a Day Can Improve Your Health and Increase Your Lifespan

Runner tying shoelace in front of the sea

A new study published Monday in the Journal of American College of Cardiology demonstrates that running five minutes a day increases health and lifespan almost as much as running 150 minutes a week. The benefits from exercising intensely for five minutes a day are significant, reducing the risk of dying prematurely from any cause by 30 percent and from cardiovascular causes by 45 percent. These new reports join a host of other recent scientific findings about the power of marginal behavioral changes to reshape lives.

Year after year, we make the same ambitious resolutions and fail at them. We pledge “to be slim,” “to be fit,” “to be organized,” wannabe goals closer to wishes than resolutions to action. We make these unrealistic vows because we think that nothing but a complete change of self will get us where we want to be. But the magic is not in resolving to be different, but resolving to do just one thing differently, and more and more research is demonstrating just how powerful one such change can be.

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