4 Hidden Toxins in Your Home

Many people think if dirt isn’t obvious, they are living in a clean environment. You will be shocked to know thousands of hazardous toxins, and harmful bacteria lurking around you. Moreover, you are inhaling many of them and taking them inside your body.

While you may think everything around you is clean, it’s time you should reconsider it. Sit down and list all the products you are currently using for household cleaning. Now, view the ones that are chemically manufactured.  Are there a few more than you thought you might have? It’s ok. Sometimes there are so many things on our minds during the day that we can’t even keep track of the what cleaners to buy much less the ones that aren’t toxic.

4 Hidden Toxins In Your Home

So aside from the chemicals in our cleaners there other toxins we may not be aware of here are few other common toxins that hide in your home:


It is a widely used ingredient in most industrial products, but only a few of us are aware about the damages it can cause. Lead is a potentially harmful toxin that affects your brain and can even be a reason for diseases such as Parkinson’s disease. It is commonly found in water pipes, paint, jewelry, children’s toys, ceramics, and plenty of other consumer goods.



Fluoride is the same ingredient that makes your toothpaste and helps you whiten your teeth. Although surprising, it a toxin that is on top of the danger charts. We have been misinformed about its uses, and this is unfortunately, why some of us even use it to purify water, which can be deadly. Studies show that the usage of fluoride to treat the water can cause cardiac and mental health issues. Although inconclusive, its better you don’t take the risk. What have you got to lose?

4 Hidden Toxins in Your Home


Another popular toxin within our home includes formaldehyde. In case you are not sure, it is often used as a volatile organic compound and its harm is equivalent to carcinogens. Continuous exposure to formaldehyde can cause issues such breathing problems and many ENT issues. It is usually included in adhesives, air fresheners, furnisher polish, paints, and other similar products.


Bisphenol A

Bisphenol is a nasty chemical that hides in your home. It is known for affecting your reproductive system, and can be a root cause for breast or prostate cancer. Moreover, it can be the culprit behind obesity and diabetes for millions of people. Dietary items like canned foods and beverages, plastic packages, and even your toilet paper are made from the=is dangerous chemical compound.

The important thing to understand is where the toxins are in your home and where are they coming from. Now you know what these hidden toxins are and where they are in your home, you will be able to slowing reduce them in your own. It takes baby stesp and it won’t happen overnight. Control what you can and don’t worry about what you can’t.


Baby Steps

  • Use glass when you can instead of plastic to avoid BPA
  • As you run out of your household cleaners replace them with non toxic ones. There are many DYI recipes for cleaners online. Many times I just use soap and water for most things. I admit I don’t make my own cleaners. I enjoy using Branch Basics for almost all my cleaning needs and use Norwex cleaning cloths to easily clean my mirrors and windows.
  • Remove your shoes when you enter your house so you keep out dirt and lead.
  • Our favorite Non-Fluroide toothpaste is SPRY. It is really minty and leaves your mouth feeling fresh. It’s the only natural toothpaste my girls like.

Cleanse your Body

It’s important to cleanse your home of toxins but also your body. Our bodies are wonderfully made but with the constant exposure to toxins our bodies need help eliminating toxins that build up. Often times stored toxins can make us sick or even overweight. My favorite cleansing system is the Isagenix Superfood Nutritional System.


Do what you can to reduce the toxins in your home and body but don’t try to do it all at once. Learning about toxins can be overwhelming at first but as you learn more about how to reduce them and control what you can then you can worry less about what you can’t.

If you have any tips for reducing toxins in your home or body please let me know!



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