Should Men Drink Collagen?

Can Men Take Collagen. If so, what are the benefits?

We are all made up of collagen and experience the same effects from the natural decline in collagen production through the aging process. 

So yes, men can benefit from taking collagen.

Research shows that collagen supports exercise recovery, helps fight skin aging, reduces joint pain, and helps with hair and nail growth. 

Benefits Of Drinking Collagen For Men

Let’s dive a little deeper into the benefits of using a collagen supplement for men.

Remember, all these benefits are for women, too!

Can Men Drink Isagenix Collagen

1. Recover From Exercise Easier

Collagen’s skin health benefits are certainly a known commodity.

However, increasing research suggests that the benefits of collagen extend to other health goals, including the improvement of athletic performance and recovery.  

In a research publicationscientists evaluated the impact of specific collagen peptides on body composition and athletic performance in 59 recreationally active women. In this study, the subjects consumed either a placebo or 15 grams per day of collagen peptides while training three days per week.

The researchers found that the collagen improved endurance performance (subjects could run farther), increased fat-free mass, and yielded greater muscular endurance. 

2. Help Fight Aging Skin

Best known among collagen’s potential health benefits are those related to skin health. 

In one study researchers noted favorable effects of collagen on skin hydration, elasticity, and wrinkles after 60 days of supplementation.

They also noted that the average range of supplementation with collagen peptides was 2.5-5 grams per day. 

3. Better Hair Growth

Hair thinning is a very common concern for men, and one way you can help healthy hair naturally is by providing the body with all the needed building blocks for keratin, the protein that makes up the hair. 

Collagen provides a continuous supply of amino acids, thus boosting Keratin production.

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Should Men Drink Collagen

4. Better Gut Health

Research has found that levels of certain types of collagen are lower in individuals with digestive challenges.

Since the cells of our gut lining use proline and glycine for energy, and these are two additional amino acids found in collagen it would make sense that adding collagen to your diet could help your gut.

5. Less Joint Pain

Collagen has been known to help improve joint mobility and ease pain.

For example, ia recently published double-blind, placebo-controlled trial conducted in Germany, 180 active young men and women with exercise-induced knee pain consumed either a placebo or 5 grams per day of a patented type I collagen peptide for 12 weeks.

Throughout the study, subjects reported any perceived change in knee pain while also undergoing a physician’s examination.

 The researchers found that supplementation with the collagen peptides significantly reduced knee pain in self-reported and physician-examined subjects. 

Benefits of taking collagen for men

6. Stronger and Better Looking Nails 

Men and women alike want their nails to look good.

According to this study oral supplementation with specific bioactive collagen peptides improved nail growth and reduced symptoms of brittle nails.

What Collagen Should Men Take?

There are lots of different collagens on the market these days.

I’d be remiss to say they are all alike and since we haven’t even tried them all there is no way to know.

I had my husband take this powdered collagen for years to increase his protein intake and help with joint pain and overall health.

Overall, he didn’t see enough of a difference to care if he took it or not.

So I switched him to taking the Isagenix Collagen Elixir and so far has been consistent with it.

No, personal results for him yet but I’ve persuaded him to take it based on the reviews I’ve heard from other men.

Look at these collagen before and after photos!

Elixir Collagen Results

Should Men Drink Collagen

Scott’s Story 

I’ve been using a clinical dose of high-quality Marine Collagen (daily) for a while now. While I initially noticed great results with my skin, I’ve noticed awesome results happening with my hair.

Isagenix collagen elixir for men

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Bottom Line

Just like women, men will benefit from taking a collagen supplement so they can age reduce the signs of aging, have strong bodies, have better hair, and healthy gut.

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