Eliminating Toxins From Your Kid’s Lives Doesn’t Have To Be Overwhelming

As a parent, you try your best to help your kids lead healthy lives but the reality is, no matter how much you try, you cannot eliminate all toxins from your kid’s lives.

Your kid’s exposure to toxins occurs daily because there are plenty of places like school and their friend’s houses where you cannot control the environment as you can in your own home.

Even in places that you control like your home, toxins may still be lurking.

Trying to eliminate all toxins is next to impossible but the threat toxins pose to your kids is real.

Currently, 1 in 2 kids experiences some form of a chronic condition.

Things like allergies, anxiety, ADHD, and eczema affect scores of children.

That is why, more than ever, it is vital to combat the toxins affecting kids.

Children playing indoors.

Compared to adults, kids eat and drink more and breathe in more air than adults on a pound for pound basis and that is what makes them so susceptible to toxins in their environments.

Additionally, the systems in their body meant to fight toxins are still growing and this immaturity of systems makes the problem that much worse.

So, as a parent, your goal should not be elimination but control the toxins we can.

Toxins accumulate in all of us, but your children can be more susceptible to their ill-effects.

The path to keeping children free of toxins is twofold.

The first is to limit their exposure, and the second is to enhance their detoxification regimen.

Limiting Kids Exposure to Toxins

There are many examples of exposure to toxins that you can control but you can take steps to eliminate toxins in the essential elements of your kid’s lives.

Items that you buy for your homes such as toys, bedding, and cleaning products are items to consider so think about doing these 4 things.

  1.  Consider purchasing an air purifier to clean the air they breathe.
  2.  Add a water purifier to your faucet to provide them with clean, toxin-free water.
  3.  Think carefully about the food you are buying and that they are eating. Consider purchasing organics when practical and feed your kids a never-ending stream of organic fruits and vegetables.
  4.  Stay away from all manner of processed foods that are full of chemicals and preservatives.

Creating a Measured Detoxification Process for Kids

A measured level of detoxification should be the goal with kids but don’t go overboard with healthy kids that show no signs of chronic disease.

Our child’s body is already doing a good job of eliminating toxins on their own.

Children should not go on any cleanse or fast.

These regimens can be harmful to their development and growth so approach even a mild form of this with caution.

Make sure you consult a medical professional for advice on this path.

The focus of your detoxification efforts should be on your kid’s diet because we know that when kids receive a healthy diet, that is the best way to ensure a robust and healthy system.

When kids have optimal health, their bodies can do a great job of eliminating toxins on their own.

An Example Of A Great Diet For Kids

For your kid’s detoxification efforts, their diet should include organic, plant-based foods.

Those types of foods should be high in fiber and very nutrient-dense.

When you create this type of diet, you are supporting your kid’s digestive and immune systems.

When these systems are robust, kids do a great job of detoxing on their own.

When making the shopping list, include plenty of colorful vegetables and fruits since foods like these contain tremendous amounts of phytonutrients.

These nutrients create the support system your kids need.

I know trying to get your kids to eat these types of foods can be a challenge since kids eating habits can be a tad picky.

The good news is that they do not need vast amounts of these foods since even a small serving of these foods can make a huge difference in their health.

Another staple of a proper detoxification diet is protein because protein contains abundant amino acids.

These amino acids will bind to the toxins and carry them out of your kid’s bodies.

The protein in their diet will also stabilize their blood sugar and the balance will keep them feeling full longer and stabilize their energy levels.

The Process Of Elimination

As we discussed earlier, a kid’s body can do a great job of eliminating the toxins in their bodies.

A big part of that process is proper elimination.

This process centers on regular and healthy bowel movements and kids should have one or two bowel movements per day.

A key component of keeping this regular schedule is for them to drink plenty of water.

If filtered water is what they are drinking, all the better.

People outside enjoying nature

Exercise is great for all of us but especially kids.

Since kids are often active anyway, the sweat they work up will help to eliminate toxins in the body.

If your kids are not always active, try to plan activities to encourage movement.

Beyond the value of the exercise, they are getting, time outdoors has added benefits.

If kids spend even 10 minutes in the sun, they receive valuable Vitamin D.

This vitamin offers health benefits, and it helps to support immune system health.

Next time you take kids outdoors, let them play in the sun for a few minutes before applying sunscreen

This jolt of natural Vitamin D may be just what their growing bodies need.

Take trips to places like parks with swings and monkey bars or an outdoor basketball court. In the winter or when it’s raining take them to an indoor trampoline park.

(make sure you apply natural toxic-free sunscreen)

Whatever gets them up and moving, and that is also fun can accomplish this goal.

Help children learn to eat right to avoid toxins

Finding Problem Foods

One roadblock in the elimination of toxins for your kids may be foods causing unfavorable effects.

When food has an adverse reaction, it can decrease immune and digestive health. This change can easily lead to chronic illness in your kids if not appropriately treated.

Some of the biggest culprits are sugar, wheat, and dairy.

With kids, sugar can be the toughest to eliminate, and trying to find healthy alternatives can be a challenge when trying to satisfy their sweet tooth.

A generous helping of sweet fruits can often do the trick.

The younger you start kids on this alternative, the better for them and you.

One way to go about finding problematic foods is by eliminating foods that you suspect are culprits.

You can then slowly add back foods until you find the ones that are the problem.

It is essential not to make any sudden or monumental changes to kid’s diets since they will not welcome the change and it may shock their internal systems as well.

When making any significant changes to their diet, it is best to consult a nutritionist, and a conversation with your child’s pediatrician may also be in order.

Kids get sick from toxic foods.

Teach Kids to Be Mindful and Well Rested

Make no mistake that just like adults, kids get stressed as well.

While everything may seem right as rain, school, friends, and family can all stress out kids.

Stress serves to suppress the immune system.

The taxing effect of stress can be just as harmful as any physical toxin.

When the body is run down physically or mentally, it has a harder time eliminating toxins.

A proper amount of sleep is important for kids and it is even more vital than it is for adults.

Young kids need anywhere from 10-12 hours of sleep per day.

If your kids are beyond naps, they still need to get that rest at night.

Make sure you are practicing a good bedtime routine.

Try to get kids to “wind down” before they hit the sack.

Kids outside

The Secret Is In Consistency

There is no finish line when it comes to eliminating toxins from your kid’s lives.

It is a daily discipline of making good choices for them.

It also involves teaching them to make the same good choices.

Always be mindful of the things you can control.

Bottom Line

  1. Make sure your child’s sleep is adequate and make sure their diet is proper.
  2. Pay attention to the items in your home that may be causing problems being especially vigilant in their rooms where they spend so much of their time.

The key to eliminating toxins in your kid’s life is nothing more than common sense.

When kids eat well, drink plenty of water, exercise regularly, and get enough sleep, their bodies will do all the work of eliminating toxins on their own.

This post was written by Charles Davenport.  A writer for Senior Planning. Senior Planning is a free service designed to help seniors find the care they need.

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