How to Clean Your Cast Iron Pot

Cast iron pots are a kitchen expert’s treasure. Often, these pots are handed down from generation to generation. You can put a cast iron pot in an oven or use it on the stovetop making it a versatile and durable kitchen cookware. It’s perfect to cook stews and soups because it catches heat evenly and holds it well. If you take proper care of your iron pots and skillet, its surface can be as non-sticky as the modern variety of cookware available today.

How to Clean Your Cast Iron Pan

Here’s one way to clean your cast iron pot and restore it to its original beauty:

Step One

If your cast iron pot has accumulated grimy baked-on and build up, you can clean it by putting in the oven. Run it in one self-cleaning cycle in the oven by placing it upside down on the rack. Once the oven cools down, you’ll see your pans layered with ash and rust. This method however, must not be used with iron pots with wooden handles.

Step Two

The accumulated rust from the pan can be removed by soaking it in a mixture of white vinegar and water. Use equal parts of both and submerge the pot in the container that contains the solution. Make sure it remains soaked in the solution anywhere between 1-4 hours. The acid in the vinegar should dissolve the rust, and if you find some still lingering, you can use a scrub brush to pry it off stubborn areas.

Step Three

A faint sheet of rust always forms on the surface due to the nature of the cast iron, after the pan is dried. To remove that light coating of rust, use sandpaper and wipe it with a rag to clear any remaining dust. To prevent rust from returning, coat a thin layer of oil with the help of paper towel.

Step Four

Before your pan is ready to use for cooking, make sure to season it by applying a thin coating of oil. Place it upside down on heat for 45 minutes to drain any excess oil and form a smooth coating. Repeat this process 3-4 times before starting to cook in the cast iron pan.



It’s easy to keep your pan clean provided that you know how to do it. It’s generally not recommended that you use soap when you wash it.  Just rinse it with hot water after use and scrub any stubborn bits of food with a brush. Dry the pan immediately after washing it with a kitchen towel. Depending on how often you use it will determine how often you need to deep clean and season it.

What Kind of Oil Is Best To Use

I usually season my cast iron griddle with coconut oil or ghee because I know those oils stay stable at high heat.

My Favorite Cast Iron

We use a cast iron griddle at least 2 times a week  for frying eggs and making pancakes. Mine is by Le Creuset.  A friend bought it for me years ago at an outlet. I love how easy it is to use and store away plus I know it’s non-toxic.

I’ve heard that Lodge is a good brand for cast iron. They have a griddle that looks very similar to mine. Of course, the best brand is the one you inherited, got as a gift or scored at a garage sale.

Do you use a cast iron pan or griddle regularly?