My husband’s sleep has been saved!


David has had trouble sleeping through the night for years. He resorted to taking Nyquil  after all the natural sleep products I’ve given him didn’t work.

When I heard that Isagenix had a sleep support product I wasn’t very hopeful but I figured it was worth a shot. David was even less hopeful but since he was out of Nyquil he figured he would give it a try.  I will tell you it didn’t work right away but after about a week he noticed he wasn’t waking as often during the night and when he did he was able to get back to sleep. He’s been consistently taking it for about 5 weeks and says he feels more rested. Thankfully I ordered extra because when he ran out he was asking for more!

If you know someone who has trouble sleeping or staying asleep you should purchase this for them. Lack of sleep is very bad for our health and our waist line. Watch this video to learn more.

Isagenix Sleep Support  (it’s listed with the Brain Support but can be ordered separately)