Sunscreens… Do you know which are less toxic?

Planning for summer I bought Alba Hawaiian on Amazon thinking it must be less toxic than the store brands and most of the Alba has a good rating.

After all, it says it has no parabens and no phthalates but I didn’t make sure I got the right Alba.

There are so many different ones to get.

After I got them I looked on EWG Skin Deep to check their rating.


Look at it!  It scored a 5.

It’s not the worst but not the best either.

This Alba in the blue bottle has a better rating at 2.

Yesterday, at Costco I found this Honest brand sunscreen.

Right there in the store I pulled out my phone and looked up the rating to see that it had a rating of 1!

You can’t beat the prices at Costco so I got a 2 pack and now I will feel better knowing I  have a less toxic sunscreen to use on my girls this summer.

Have you checked your sunscreen on

Do it now!

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Which Is Less Toxic?