Take Your Shoes Off : A Simple Step to Keep Toxins Out Of Your House

So you think your house is spotlessly clean? It might appear neat and clean to the human eye, but look again; there are countless harmful toxins still lurking everywhere in your home.

Fecal matter, fungal spores, human skin flakes, hair, animal dander, dust mites, pollen, pesticides, lead dust and insect fragments are a few of the harmful toxins that are currently present in your home.

According to research, about 40% of these contaminants are brought in your household from the outside.

These get stuck on your pets, clothing, and especially shoes.

Children are most likely to be at risk of getting exposed to these toxins and contaminants as they usually crawl and play on the floor and then stick their hands in their mouths.

Many studies have shown that exposure to harmful contaminants is primarily within the household, instead of the outside environment as is commonly perceived to be the case.

Not only children but adults with respiratory problems like asthma or a weak immune system are also at risk.

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Take Off Your Shoes

Take Off Your Shoes

According to research, there are countless toxins that you are bringing inside your home along with your shoes that can be avoided simply by taking off your shoes.

Toxins like cockroach droppings and exoskeletons which are found in household dust can actually lead to asthma.

The simple act of taking your shoes off and placing them in a rack outside or a closet at the entrance can help keep numerous toxins at bay.

About 40% of toxins can be avoided with this small act. Aside from that, merely wiping your shoes on a doormat can decrease the number of toxins entering your house considerably.

A highly absorbent doormat can trap water and soil from your shoes while placing a second mat can increase the protection as it can trap the rest of the toxins from your shoes.

Here are a few steps you can take to stop 85% of toxins from entering your home:

  • Place a doormat outside each and every entrance of your home, including the garage. This will capture moisture, pollutants, and soil at the door.
  • Use a grate-like scraper mat at your entry door.
  • Place an absorbent mat right inside your entry door.
  • Place the second mat right after the absorbent mat which will act as a finishing mat to capture remaining toxins.
  • Remove your shoes and leave them at your door.
  • Use clean indoor shoes inside your house.
  • Wash the indoor shoes regularly.

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Benefits Of Being Barefoot

Going barefoot is actually beneficial for several reasons:

  • Enable your feet to move freely.
  • Good for your posture and health.
  • Decreases the cleaning time as removing your shoes brings in lesser dust and toxins inside the house.
  • Decreases wear and tear on your carpet and floorings.

Taking off your shoes and taking a few additional precautions can eliminate a good amount of toxins from your home.

It keeps the dirt and potential health problems at bay, leaving your home safe and clean for your family.

Do you have the habit of taking off your shoes when you come in the house?

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