Yes, I admit it. I love coffee!

Coffee. Organic. Toxin Free.

If you’ve read any of my posts on facebook you know I really enjoy coffee.

I might go as far as to say I’m addicted to that warm delicious cup in the morning.

When I set up my coffee maker at night and smell the coffee I can’t wait to get in bed so morning will come faster.

I used to feel guilty about drinking it but in the last 6 months, I’ve read many research articles about the benefits of it.  Dr. Mercola has written a really good one recently.

I’ve learned you have to be careful, though, as most coffee produced is heavily contaminated with pesticides.

It’s actually one of the most heavily sprayed crops.

So, when I say there are benefits (read them here) of coffee, let it be known that I’m talking about organic, pesticide-free coffee.

I’ve tried several organic brands and my favorite is from Isagenix (get it here).  

It’s a fairly traded blend of 100 percent arabica beans, slow-roasted, smooth-tasting ground coffee.  

A few things to note about this coffee is that it is infused with green tea extract, trace minerals, and coconut oil plus it’s free of mycotoxins and mold.

I was impressed that it didn’t leave me with that acid stomach like other organic coffees I’ve tried.

It tastes great black but I usually add a little organic stevia (our favorite brand)to it.

To learn more about this coffee watch this short video or go here.

Need To Lose Weight:  Drink your coffee with the Isagenix 30 Day Weight Loss System(read about it here).