Whey Protein Throughout the Day Builds More Muscle in Young Men

Eating 20 or more grams of quality whey protein at balanced meals scheduled throughout the day maximizes muscle building in young men, according to a new study.

The study, published in the journal Nutrition and Metabolism, found that whole-body protein metabolism is influenced by the pattern of protein intake, and not just by the total daily amount consumed.

Study Findings

The study randomly assigned 24 resistance-trained young men to a daily total of 80 grams of whey protein in the amount of 10 grams eight times per day, 20 grams four times per day, or 40 grams two times per day.

Protein balance was then measured over a 12-hour period following a session of weight training. In the end, eating 20 grams of whey protein four times per day was shown to be superior to the other protein meal patterns in enhancing whole body protein balance.

The researchers highlighted the importance of their findings in relation to recommendations for building muscle.

The authors wrote, “the present data could suggest that individuals wishing to enhance or maintain lean body mass could obtain a benefit from the repeated ingestion of moderate amounts of dietary protein at regular intervals throughout the day.”

This latest research falls in line with the Isagenix message that 20 to 35 grams of protein consumed over balanced meals each day is superior for building muscle and to slow age-related muscle loss. In addition, Isagenix uses high-quality whey protein in all of IsaLean Shakes and Bars, making eating the right amount of protein at the right time throughout the day easy and convenient.

Because of a blunted anabolic response and lower basal rate of muscle synthesis in aging muscles, the amount of whey protein per meal may need to be higher in older people.

A previous study in 33 older men found that the amount of 35 grams of whey protein improved whole-body protein balance and muscle building.

In either case, make sure you are getting the protein you need.

Bottom Line

Consume enough protein daily to help maintain and build muscle.