Should You Worry About Your Supplements?

This post was prompted by the article on the Times blog about the New York Attorney General targeting supplement retailers.

Obviously, not every supplement you purchase from GNC, Target, Walgreens or Walmart is bad.

However, when it comes to targeting health issues sometimes you get what you pay for. Cheaper isn’t always better.

Don’t Cut Corners On Your Health


Supporting a friend who sells a product via a network marketing company could be your best bet for finding safe supplements to take.

The majority of the time, products sold by these companies are scrutinized and tested far more than the ones on the shelf at the local store.

Your friend can often produce studies from their company and personal testimonies.



Support Your Friends

It’s tough times in the economy for some.

Support a friend who is building a business using products they love and had personal results from.

Most companies have a money back guarantee which means you really don’t have anything to lose.

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