Linear Income vs Residual Income. Which would prefer?


Linear Income vs Residual Income.  Which would prefer?

With a job, you trade time for money. At the end of the week, your boss pays you for the work you did that week. The next week you start from zero. You have to put in the work again to get paid. This is called “linear income.”

Unlike a paycheck from a job, when you develop a “residual income” you don’t have to start from zero every single week, or every single month. You don’t have to start over from zero ever again because your income compounds from the work you’re doing AND the work you’ve already done.

Residual income means if you do the work right ONE TIME, you can get paid AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN for a LONG TIME!

Here’s the best part, a Network Marketing business offers you the chance at a residual income! After all, you have residual bills that you pay every month… why not have a residual income?

“Build your Network Marketing business ONCE. Build it BIG. Build it to last a lifetime of INCOME!” ―Art Jonak

Tip courtesy of the Direct Selling Mastermind Event


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