Children get benefits from Isagenix, too.

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Yes! Children can use the Isagenix products and get benefits, too. There are a variety of products that kids can use and no right/wrong way to use them.

My 2 daughters drink the IsaPro and eat the IsaLean protein bars several times a week.  The Isapro mixes up easily in a shaker cup and they drink it down easily. My girls like the vanilla, but Isagenix has chocolate, too.

We take the protein bars along with us wherever we go so we have a healthy snack with us all the time. One of my daughters likes the small fiber snack bars and slim cakes. The other prefers the IsaLean Decadence Bar. Occasionally, they will drink the meal replacement shakes when they are craving a milkshake or just want something more filling than the whey supplement.

The bars are no more expensive than getting fast food and of course, they are a lot healthier. We aren’t perfect and I do let them eat more than their share of junk but having these healthier options on hand help me get good nutrition in them without a hassle.

They take the Isakids vitamins and IsaOmega fish oil on a daily basis.

Isagenix For kids

I’ve gotten lots of testimonies from parents who give the products to their kids and I especially like this one.

“In June of last year, we began replacing one meal a day for our son with Autism with an Isagenix Isalean shake. As you can see, the results speak for themselves. One thing we didn’t count on… he has had an EXPLOSIVE increase in speech and communication and his academics are skyrocketing! I’ve never seen him make progress like this before.
There is NO DOUBT in my mind that Chase’s increased memory, happier demeanor, new found conversation skills and the lack of digestive issues he once had, is due to adding this shake to his diet each day. His body, which was once starved of nutrition due to his picky eating habits, is now running like it should.”

If your child could benefit from these superfood nutritional products you can order them directly from Isagenix. 

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