Transformation Tuesday

Third Time’s the Charm for Thai’s Transformation
At 5’1”, Thai often blended into the background. Something he didn’t mind, especially since he wasn’t 100 percent comfortable with his body. “Any extra pound looks like five on my frame,” he shares. At a starting weight of 148 pounds, Thai was healthy and athletic, but his physique was far from ideal.

He routinely worked out hard and even drank protein shakes, but he didn’t have a solid system and he wasn’t seeing lasting results. At 40, his athletic endeavors—like two-day volleyball tournaments and 10k races—left him exhausted and sore.

Starting the System

In 2011, Thai was introduced to Isagenix with the 9-Day Cleansing and Fat Burning System. He was about to go on vacation and wanted to trim down. The system helped him shed some torso fat and reveal the abs underneath. His success led him to try a 30-Day Cleansing and Fat Burning System and eventually the Energy and Performance System. He knew Isagenix worked for him, he’d even entered the IsaBody Challenge a few times, but it wasn’t until this year that he actually completed a Challenge. For him, his third try was the charm.

Seeing Results


Thai went into his third IsaBody Challenge determined (and prepared) to succeed. He created a vision board to help him stay focused on his goal, checked in with Barbara (his Isagenix mentor) weekly and scheduled everything. Every day Thai knew how many days were left in the Challenge, when he needed to eat and what he’d be doing for a workout.

It all paid off. Thai earned a spot as one of the top five Celebration IsaBody Challenge finalists. He’ll appear onstage at our 2014 Celebration event as one of 15 finalists who could win the Grand Prize, valued at over $25,000.


But that’s not all Thai’s won. He’s more confident than he’s ever been. He has more energy and recovers faster than he ever has (and faster than some of his younger teammates). He’s started an Isagenix business and is enjoying meeting new people and sharing the products that fueled his success. Thai also took on something new. He competed in his first-ever bodybuilding competition where he placed sixth, among competitors that, in some cases, have been training for years!

“I noticed that people backstage at the competition who weren’t using Isagenix were tired and cranky,” Thai recalls. He, on the other hand, “was full of energy, feeling good and ready to go.” And, that’s the way he feels every day, thanks to Isagenix.

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