The Biggest Loser Diet Plan

In 2015, I met Jill who tried out for the Biggest Loser Show show but she didn’t make it.

It got me wondering about The Biggest Loser Diet Plan and what it entails.

What is the biggest loser diet and will it work for you.

The Biggest Loser Diet Plan

I haven’t watched the show except at the very end to see the winner. So, I had to do a little research.

Here’s what I found out about the Biggest Loser Diet Plan.

It follows a specific diet protocol that they call “The Biggest Loser’s 4-3-2-1 Pyramid”.

This pyramid allows participants 5-6 meals a day consisting of:

  • 4 servings of fruits and vegetables
  • 3 lean protein servings
  • 2 whole grain servings
  • 1 discretionary calorie allotment of 200 calories

The theory behind eating frequently is that it will keep hunger at bay and blood sugar level.

I’ve addressed this theory before. While someone may feel like eating small meals keeps their blood sugar level there is no scientific proof that it really does.

What’s happening is that when you eat small meals all day long you’re just burning off that meal but never reaching your fat stores.

Not to mention, those mini meals never make you feel full so you just want more.

I could get off on a tangent.

On this diet, it’s recommended to avoid caffeine (coffee drinkers may want to stay away from this one) and of course, drink 6 – 8 glasses of water a day.

Jill tried out for The Biggest Loser but didn't get on the show. She went on to lose weight on her own. Size 22 to size 4.

Jill, me, and my friend Michelle  in 2015

The Good Points About The Biggest Loser Diet

I have to give it to The Biggest Loser they put an emphasis on healthy servings of fruits and vegetables.

Allowing four servings of each will fill you up for a bit and gives you plenty of vitamins and minerals.

Eating whole foods and avoiding processed foods is a perfect eating plan.

The Not So Good About The Biggest Loser Diet

The Biggest Loser program suggests you should stay away from fat.

All they eat is lean protein.

Current research is showing that our bodies actually need fat.

Low-fat diets aren’t good for us.

Fat increases satiety in those who are dieting especially when it comes from good sources like cold-water fish, nuts, avocados, and wild game.

Also, the contestants eat really low calorie. It might be a good way to start out but eventually, you do need to increase your calories.

Exercise Plays A Big Part Of The Biggest Loser Diet

Exercise has always been a big part of The Biggest Loser brand, and they did not leave it out of their diet protocol either.

The exercise can become problematic for those who end up eating on the low end of the calorie range because it’s hard to exercise when you don’t have the energy from enough calorie intake.

80% of weight loss actually comes from your eating plan.

So although they exercise in the show a lot, you can lose weight with just moderate exercise like walking if you eat correctly.

However, if they didn’t exercise on the program that would cut out half the excitement of the show.

Is The Biggest Loser Diet Hard?

The hardest part about this diet protocol is the simple lack of calories and fat with all the exercise they do.

When the body goes unsatisfied for long periods of time, it’s easy to overindulge when you finally do eat.

The frequency that people are allowed to eat on The Biggest Loser Diet may initially make up for the lack of caloric intake and fat consumption but the average person will find it difficult to maintain.

 Should You Try The Biggest Loser Diet?

I don’t know if anyone should try the Biggest Loser Diet unless they are on the show.

I think it would be super hard to do without all the accountability.

As I said earlier I met a woman named Jill Birth who lost weight on her own after she was turned down by The Biggest Loser.

After she failed to get on the show a friend told her about a superfood cleansing system.

She decided to try it since she had nothing to lose.

Watch this video she made. 

She said she compiled the photos as part of her interview for The Biggest Loser.

Don’t you think her story is amazing? You can’t help but be sucked in.

As you can see at the end Jill lost weight on the program her friend told her about.

She went on to became part of the 100lb club and won the Isabody Challenge.

She went from size 22 to size 4.

She was still maintaining her weight when I met her.

What Do You Think?

What do you think about the Biggest Loser Diet?

Sound like something you want to try?

It does sound exciting on the show but I don’t think it’s as easy as they make it out to be.

If you want your own AFTER photo you might consider doing what Jill did.

I have information about the system she used here on my site but you can click HERE to get information directly from Isagenix.

Don’t do what Jill did and have all those BEFORE photos!

Get started on a new lifestyle and lose the weight without all the hassle the Biggest Loser contestants have to go thru.