Concentrate vs. Isolate. Which Whey is better?

Whey is one of the primary constituents of milk. It is the liquid part which gets separated from curds during the cheese making process. Whey contains minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. Its ease of absorption and strong acid profile makes it one of the popular sports nutrition supplement. It is a lot more than merely a source of high quality protein, also offering a number of beneficial nutrients, including immunoglobulins, alpha-lactalbumin, beta-lactoglobulin, and lactoferrin.

It has been revealed that Whey protein has the tendency to enhance muscle protein synthesis, reduce appetite, improve insulin sensitivity, enhance the immune system, and encourage fat burning. Whey protein enhances leanness, strength and muscle. Not only this, it also has several more health benefits including reducing symptoms of depression and stress, lowering blood sugar and blood pressure. It also has the tendency of enhancing density of bone minerals, protecting against cancer, boosting immune systems in HIV patients, and reducing the hepatitis symptoms.

Whey protein has three main forms – hydrolysate, concentrate, and isolate. In this article, we will focus on determining the difference between concentrate and isolate and determine the best choice.

Concentrate vs Isolate Protein. Which is better?

Concentrate vs. Isolate

Both concentrate and isolate whey protein are beneficial in their own ways but are also different in many ways as well:

Whey Protein Concentrates

These are developed when protein source is pushed through tiny filters which allow minerals, water, and other organic materials to pass. The proteins are therefore separated and made into protein powder. In this process, the protein powder yielded contains almost 5% lactose and 70% to 85% protein.

Whey Protein Isolates

Protein isolates are created in the next step. The protein goes through a purification process again while utilizing more filters or using the method known as cross-flow or ion-exchange microfiltration. These isolates have extremely low amounts of fats and carbohydrates. These best suit individuals who are lactose intolerant.

Which Type Should You Go For?

  • When buying whey protein, consider your budget, goals, and allergies you might suffer from. For example, whey concentrates are not suitable for lactose intolerant individuals if they want to consume it in large amounts.
  • As whey isolates go through more processes, they are costly and tend to lose a lot of healthy compounds that are typically found in whey. However, it does contain high amount of pure protein.
  • Whey concentrate is better in flavor as compared to whey isolate.
  • Whey concentrate has the tendency to enhance the glutathione production which is the master antioxidant in our body.

Whey concentrate appears to be the best option as it is less expensive, has the highest amount of beneficial nutrients, and is better in taste and smell as well. This protein has at least 80% protein which is still a large amount. Even if whey isolates have more protein as compared to whey concentrate, they lack in other natural nutrients that the concentrate offers.

What I Use

I most always have a protein drink in the morning for breakfast. I choose to drink a whey protein  meal replacement shake by Isagenix. It is GMO free, gluten free, from grass fed cows and free of contaminants. Isagenix also has a dairy free option for those that can not tolerate whey. The great thing about this dairy free option is that it does not include soy!

Also, for those who do not wish to have a meal replacement shake but just a protein supplement Isagenix has IsaPro in both chocolate and vanilla. IsaPro is only whey concentrate without the added carbs or fat and at 100 calories per serving it is perfect for use in smoothies or anytime you want to add extra protein.

Eating a balanced diet consisting of toxic free food and supplements goes a long way towards building good overall health.

Source: Food Matters and Dr. Axe

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