Are You Toxic?

I started this blog after spending years researching and learning about toxins.

I felt overwhelmed by what I learned but thankful I’ve found solutions to help reduce and avoid them.

I started this blog to share these tips, products, and solutions to help you reduce toxins, too.

Are Toxins Really That Big Of Deal?

I know you may be wondering if toxins are really that big of a deal and should you be concerned.

There are over 84,000 chemicals in use in the US.  Many of these we are exposed to daily and most of them are actually in our homes!

Some of these toxins come in our air fresheners, Teflon, toothpaste, makeup, shampoos, home cleaning products, etc.

Obviously, not all these chemicals are dangerous but how many may be affecting your health?

Are You Toxic

It’s been said that the average woman is exposed to about 168 different chemicals just in their morning routine. Yikes!

The EPA reports that our indoor air may even be more polluted than outside air.

All this exposure is leading to a growing array of health issues!

Cancer, reproductive issues, developmental issues in children, autoimmune diseases, hormonal imbalances to name just a few.

This, in turn, is leading to billions in health care costs.

These toxins can cause us to hold on to weight and worse, increase the number and size of fat cells our body.

We may be doing everything “right” but without addressing these toxins regularly we can’t release the weight and be the healthiest we can be.

I Felt Like This Woman In The Video

This video depicts how crazy I felt after learning about toxins and I was so relieved when I saw this.

For one thing, it was good to learn I’m not crazy! The other reason I was relieved is that I learned there is a solution for getting some of them out of our body.

The Solution To Reduce Toxins And Fight Their Effects

As you saw in the video the products I use and recommend are by Isagenix.

Their Superfood Nutritional Cleansing Program is designed to help your body wash away the environmental impurities that drag your energy and health downwhile infusing your cells with nutrients.

Its proprietary combination of powerful nutrients helps support the body’s natural cleansing ability and contains key minerals missing from the average diet that are essential for optimum health and energy.

These nutrients help the body to cleanse but also gives you the nutritional support to combat future toxinsA side effect from the cleanse is that you often lose weight if you need to!

If you don’t need to lose weight or need energy you’ll get the satisfaction that you’re cleansing toxins.

Do You Have To Use This System Forever?

We are constantly exposed to toxins so yes, I  think we need to cleanse regularly.

I’m not suggesting that you do the whole 30 Day Program every month but what I am suggesting is that you should use products daily that will support your body’s natural ability to release toxins.

I drink an  Isalean Meal Replacement Shake when I break my daily fast and drink 1-2 oz of Cleanse for Life every night before bed.

Like you, I am really busy so the shake is a great start to my day and gives me the nutrition I might not otherwise get.

I take a few other Isagenix products too, plus do my best to make healthy meals for my family.

I’ll Keep Learning And Sharing On This Blog

I am constantly learning how to reduce toxins in my home, body, and life so I’m happy to have a way to share what I learn with others.

I’ve learned a lot about how essential oils can help us plus different products to use instead of the toxic ones.

I will share these tips with you in my posts so sign up for my newsletter and come back often.

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Have Questions?

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