What Is Faceless Digital Marketing?

Whether you’re a seasoned blogger or just starting your blog, embracing faceless digital marketing could significantly boost your blog’s traffic and income without having to show your face.

Not a blogger? This certainly can work for you, too.

Face less digital marketing for bloggers

My Story 

I started this blog 8 years ago after struggling to get customers for my direct sales company on Facebook and Instagram.

I got tired of showing my face and making the focus be on me.

You know… brand yourself and then throw in some product information every once in a while.

Well, that wasn’t for me.

I wasted too much time trying to make it work.

So I switched gears, built this website, and established my Pinterest strategies.

Over time I gained enough traffic to my website from Google and Pinterest to bring in hundreds of customers for my direct sales and affiliate products plus income from Mediavine.

When my traffic was altered by Google in March, I knew it was time to look for new ways to diversify my income.

Enter, faceless digital marketing.

Faceless Digital Marketing

What Is Digital Marketing?

So, first let’s look at digital marketing.  Have you heard of it before?

In simple terms, it’s printables.

As a blogger, you may have already created them for your website.

Or, if you’re like me, you may have been putting it off because you were making money in other ways.

In light of all the changes on Google, it’s time to look at digital marketing more closely.

What Does Digital Marketing Do For A Blogger?

Well, for one it allows you to make more money by selling something to your visitors.

Two, it can also help you build your email list.

Plus, if you do it right, it will also help you get more visitors to your website.

Faceless digital marketing for bloggers

Why Use Instagram To Sell Digital Products?

Well, it comes down to traffic.

With Google playing games with our traffic we’ve got to find other ways to get eyes on our site and products.

Instagram’s user base is constantly growing, with over a billion active users worldwide.

So this presents a vast audience you can tap into and expose to your brand and content.

Secondly, Instagram’s emphasis on visual content allows you to showcase your blog or digital products in a visually appealing way, grabbing the attention of your target audience.

Enter Faceless Digital Marketing

This is just digital marketing but without showing your face in all your social media posts.

Faceless accounts on Instagram are making thousands of dollars every month.

How is this possible?

Faceless digital marketing is not only a new trend, but also an opportunity many people have been waiting for.

You can do this to promote your blog, sell your own products, affiliate products, direct sales, or digital products.

It’s all the same concept.

I haven’t created a faceless account for my blog but I did create one strictly for digital marketing.

Follow me there:  Instagram.com/FacelessBloggerMom

The goal of my faceless account is to help frustrated bloggers create a new income stream.

I even have a Freebie for you. 🙂


Benefits of Faceless Digital Marketing

More Privacy: You don’t have to worry about being recognized in public or having your identity exposed.

Less Pressure: Without your face showing, you don’t have to worry as much about looking perfect all the time. Your main focus is your content.

Time Flexibility: You can pre-schedule posts and take time off when needed without disrupting your brand’s flow.

Creativity Freedom: You’re able to fully create and showcase your skills without feeling the pressure of being judged

Keeps The Professionalism: If you are a professional and don’t want to be discovered by co-workers or business partners, faceless works great.

Faceless digital marketing

Where To Get Your Digital Products?

You have some options here.

You can create digital products yourself or you can buy done-for-you products such as PLR.

Usually, after you use some PLR and get confident you will end up making your own digital products pretty easily.

(I talk more about PLR here)

How To Sell Your Digital Products?

There are a few different ways you can sell your digital products.

If you already have a store, you can sell them on your website or you can use Stan Store (or other similar services).

You would just put the link in your BIO on Instagram.

How Do You Learn The Specifics Of Faceless Digital Marketing?

I’ve read countless guides and bought several courses to learn about faceless digital marketing.

However, I found a simple “10 Day Guide that will help you get started.

You’ll get the basics of how it all works and get your creative juices working.

My goal is to help you succeed by passing along all the training and information I learn about digital marketing.

Including, coupon codes, reel templates, PLR, etc.


What Do You Think?

I’d love to hear from you.

Tell me your experience with digital marketing, faceless marketing, or the latest Google updates.

Was your website hit?

Follow me on my new adventure at:  Instagram.com/FacelessBloggerMom


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