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What's Wrong With Splenda?

‘Sugar free’ and ‘low sugar’ have become trends today. After our society became aware of the potentially harmful effects of sugar, artificial sweeteners started appearing in the market. Numerous diet food recipes include these sweeteners as a sugar substitute. The [...]

Don't Let Toxins Ruin Your Health! Learn 8 Powerful Benefits Of Cleansing.

People ask me all the time if they should do a cleanse. Well, it depends. If you're feeling lethargic or just not up to par, and are struggling with other problems such as acne, chronic pain, heartburn, and other digestive [...]

Why Ignoring Your WHY Keeps You From Losing Weight

It's pretty normal in the business world to you hear people talk about setting clear goals. What about at the beginning of the year? Did you set any New Year's Resolutions? Those are goals right? Here's the deal, though. It's [...]

The Biggest Loser Diet Plan

In 2015, I met Jill who tried out for the Biggest Loser Show show but she didn't make it. It got me wondering about The Biggest Loser Diet Plan and what it entails. The Biggest Loser Diet Plan I haven't watched [...]

The #1 Reason You're Not Losing Weight

If you were to spend just 8 minutes on Google, researching statistics on how many people fail at trying to lose weight you’d be appalled. The current stats show a 95% to 99% range. That essentially means that the majority [...]

5 Key Benefits of High Intensity Interval Training [INFOGRAPHIC]

In 2014, according to a survey by The American College of Sports Medicine, high-intensity interval training was one of the top two fitness trends. If you don't already know, let us quickly review what HIIT is all about and talk [...]

3 Ways To Earn Money For Getting Healthy

I know it sounds like a scam but you really can make money while you lose weight without feeling creepy about it. If you're planning to lose weight this year it would behoove you to read this to the end. [...]

3 Excuses You're Using to Sabotage Your Weight Loss

All of us have experienced a lull after starting a new fitness or nutrition program. There’s inevitably a point where your enthusiasm begins to wane, and you start finding reasons to ditch your new habits and slide back into your [...]