Push-Ups Ladder / 30 Day Pushups Challenge

The Push-Up Ladder challenge focuses on your entire upper body: triceps, biceps, chest, back, abs and core.

Ladder push-ups can be challenging but will be a great workout.

Read my extensive post about the benefits of push-ups here.

30 day pushups challenge

Push-ups focused days will gradually take you to a more advanced push-up style that will give you increased upper body strength and more control over your body.

Punching days engage the same muscles but in a less direct way helping you recover while keeping up the focus.

The closer punching sets are performed to each other the better but the total can be comfortably split and spread throughout the day.

One set of the ladder (wide grip, classic grip and close grip) is performed without rest between exercises – you switch on the fly.

This challenge can be scaled down to fit your fitness level:

  • Do only one set of the ladder for Level I.
  • Two sets of the ladder for Level II.
  • Do all three sets of the ladder for Level III.

Download PDF of this Pushups Challenge

The 30-Day Pushups Challenge is designed for performance and visual results.

This challenge came from one of my favorite websites for at-home workouts Darebee.com.


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