30 Days of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) Day 29

I HATE BURPEES!!! This is what I named today’s workout.

I finished Day 29 of the 30 Days of HIIT (advanced) workout and today is just ALL burpees.  I have a love hate thing for burpees…I love them because they give me a great workout but I hate them because they really wear me out.

Today’s workout is 5 rounds and each round is 3 minutes of burpees for a total of 15 minutes of burpees.

The video I did today is of my last round and after watching the video I realized I accidentally cut my workout a little short and didn’t do 20 seconds of the burpees.

I was really worn out after the 5 rounds and happy to be done.

JUST ONE MORE DAY LEFT!!!  Looking forward to tomorrow’s workout.

Here is a quick video of the first round of the workout.