30 Day HIIT Workout Plan

My husband recorded his “30 Days of HIIT” workout using the program below.

I’ve put all the workouts here in one post so you can easily click on them to watch and follow along.

As an alternative download the plan and do the workout without the videos.

Either way at the end of the 30 days you will be stronger and have lost some fat.

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30 Days Of HITT Workouts

I gained about 5lbs over the holidays so I did this 30-day HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) workout program by Darebee.com formerly NeilaRey.com.

I videoed 1 round from each workout and wrote a short blog post on how it went.

Obviously, I was eating way too much junk and had strayed away from my normal eating plan so it felt great doing these workouts.

During the 30 days I was back at drinking protein shakes (the brand I use here)and eating healthier as part of the Isagenix 30 Day System(read about it here).

Getting back on the system was imperative as I didn’t want to waste all that effort with bad nutrition.

I lost fat and felt so much better at the end of 30 days!

Click here try this workout instead if you are new to HIIT workouts

Description Of This HIIT Workout Program – Advanced


30 Days of HIIT Advanced is a 30-day high-intensity interval training weight loss-oriented program.

It consists of time-based HIIT routines designed to challenge you independently of your fitness level.

It’s 100% bodyweight based, requires no equipment, and can be done in the comfort of your home – but that’s where the “comfort” part of this program ends.

Every HIIT routine in this program is meant to push you out of your comfort zone, force your system to adapt, and do it fast shedding all of the extra weight that is holding you back.

Each workout consists of 1-3 minute rounds during which you have to go as fast as you can every single time. If you feel you are slacking off – pick up the pace, that’s when you benefit the most.

It’s only 30 days but it will be a challenge.

If you make it through, when you make it through, you will own a new body.

Are You With Me? 

Below are my workout videos as I progressed through the 30 Days. 

To Download the PDF file of this Workout visit:

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