Miserable Runners – Why do they do it?


I see it all the time while driving through my neighborhood…people out running or jogging and they LOOK MISERABLE!  I can tell they are hating every step and wishing it would just be over.

So why are they doing this? Do they enjoy torturing themselves?

Most of them are doing it to lose weight, get in shape and be healthier.

But why are they doing something that they hate?

The key to “working out” is finding the right activity for you.

If you push yourself into something you absolutely hate doing, your commitment however strong to begin with, will very soon wear off. You need to try and find the right type of workout for you, an activity you’ll love or can learn to love.

If you are like me, I HATE running on streets, sidewalks and treadmills. It is not fun at all and every time I’ve ever done it I’m miserable the entire time. However, I do enjoy trail running and I really enjoy riding my mountain bike. Biking gives me a way to get exercise while doing something I enjoy and that is the key to sticking with it.

Perhaps running will be the thing for you, or biking, or hiking or body-weight training – you won’t know for sure until you try. So go for a run, go for a bike ride, do a martial art session, try an at home workout routine until you find something that is right for you. The more you try, the higher the chances of finding the one.

Here are some resources for different workout options:

Hiking and Biking Trails

No Equipment at Home Workout Routines

Fitness Boot Camps

Proper Nutrition and Working Out

So you found a great workout that you enjoy – now DON’T forget about your nutrition.  Remember, if your goal is to lose weight and get in better shape then you must have proper nutrition.

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