Workout of the Week – 5 Minute Blast

Don’t have long to work out? 

If you have 5 minutes you can do this workout. It will push your pulse through the roof!!!

(skip down if you want a video)

5 minute workout

This week’s “Workout of the Week” comes from one of our  favorite websites for at-home workouts –


If you only have five minutes to burn and want a workout that will push your pulse through the roof, make you sweat and up your body’s fuel burn rate then the Five Minute Blast is the workout for you.

Don’t do this without a warm-up (so you need to allow at least a couple more minutes) and once you start don’t stop until the five minutes are up.

Keep on the balls of your feet when doing Jumping Jacks, go for maximum height on your Jumping Lunges and Basic Burpees and waist height is the only acceptable height for your High Knees.

Five minutes! That’s all!

Extra Credit: Do the whole thing without pauses.

5 Minutes HIIT Video

Try following along with this 5-minute HIIT video with Shaun T. and Dr. Oz.

Find other Shaun T 5 minute workouts on his YouTube Channel

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