What Is Isagenix Happy Mix?

Isagenix Happy Mix

Unleash the power of positivity and well-being with the Isagenix Happy Mix Pack.

Let go of stress and invite in more bliss.

  • Promotes emotional well-being and a sense of tranquility.
  • Helps balance and normalize body systems to supercharge your health.
  • Supports mental clarity for improved focus.
  • Provides a potent daily dose of phytonutrients from premium moringa superfood powder.
  • Contains botanical adaptogens to help combat the negative effects of stress.
  • 1625+ mg of electrolytes to replace key nutrients lost during daily activity.

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Happy Mix

Happy Mix Reviews

“Love this and LOVE this happy mix! I have been drinking this combo for over a year 1/2 – I have found it calms me, I feel happy, positive, and ready to take on my day! I use the word happy because that is really what I feel!” – Tisha V.
“Happy mix has given me the gift of emotional balance…I truly feel it’s cut the edge on hard emotions and has given me a calmer feeling every day! Incredibly grateful!” – Laura S.
“Loving how despite long nights with a toddler waking up multiple times a night (it’s a season of sleep regression over here), this 45 year old mama has the boost of energy needed to keep up with a VERY rambunctious 2 year old and get her 9 uesr old up and off to school. Uplifted mood and curbed cravings are an added bonus. Lovey happy mix with orange hydrate and HM+” – Nadia P.
“I’m not in a slump like I usually am this time of year!”  – Jessica P.
“The Happy Mix has been so good for my gut health! I’ve been taking it every morning for the last 2 1/2 months!” – Amy P.

Isagenix Happy Mix

Happy Mix Recipe

1 scoop (or 1 oz liquid) of Ionix Supreme or 1 bottle of Adaptogen Elixir
1 stick of SuperMix or XM+
1 stick of Hydrate or Hydrate + Hyaluronic AcidInstructions:
Mix dry powder ingredients with 8-12 oz of water, adjusting the water as needed to achieve the desired flavor. Add liquid ingredients, stir, and enjoy!
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Isagenix Happy Mix Products

Happy Mix Products

This combination of products contains nutrient-dense ingredients, balancing adaptogens, and bioactives to help brighten your day and support your mood.

All raw materials and finished goods undergo rigorous quality testing to meet the highest Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards for foods and dietary supplements.

SuperMix™ or XM+®

Fuel your day with enhanced vitality and vigor powered by moringa.

SuperMix Product Information Sheet
SuperMix Nutrition Facts Panel
XM+ Product Information Sheet
XM+ Nutrition Facts Panel

Ionix® Supreme or Adaptogen Elixir

Nourish your body with a blissful blend of adaptogens, tailored to your needs.

Ionix Supreme Product Information Sheet
Ionix Supreme Supplement Facts Panel
Adaptogen Elixir Product Information Sheet
Adaptogen Elixir Supplement Facts Panel

Hydrate or Hydrate + Hyaluronic Acid

Stay refreshed and hydrated with a balancing blend of electrolytes in the flavor of your choice.

Hydrate Product Information Sheet
Hydrate Nutrition Facts Panel
Hydrate + Hyaluronic Acid Product Information Sheet
Hydrate + Hyaluronic Acid Nutrition Facts Panel

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