Isofiber Mood Boost: What Is It?

IsoFiber is an ingredient in some of the Amare products.

IsoFiber Mood Boost is a term some on TikTok are using to refer to Kids Mood Plus.

Amare calm gummies for kids

IsoFiber Mood Boost

What most people are referring to when they use that term is Amare Kids Mood Plus because it contains IsoFiber in the pixie saffron stick supplement.

Multiple scientific studies have shown the key ingredients in Kids Mood+ provide significant benefits for mood support, including stress resilience, cognitive performance, calmness, focus, and positivity. 

Keep reading about the Isofiber in Kids Mood Pixie stick and some of the other Amare products that contain it.

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Kids mood plus

What Is IsoFiber?

IsoFiber, a trademarked product by Amare, is essentially their unique formulation of the prebiotic known as Isomalto-oligosaccharide (IMO).

This prebiotic fiber is composed of short-chain carbohydrates that are designed to resist digestion, thereby remaining more active and effective as they pass through the gastrointestinal tract.

This characteristic enhances its efficiency in promoting gut health.

More About Kids Mood Plus

I’ve written more about Kids Mood Plus but this video is a good introduction.

Read more about Kids Mood Plus Here

What Does IsoFiber Come From?

It comes from various starches and goes through an enzymatic process, which results in an oligosaccharide.

What Are IsoFiber Benefits?

IsoFiber is a multifunctional molecule that exerts positive effects on human digestive health, prebiotic supplementation, probiotic flourishment, and digestion.

It also has a sweet flavor profile with a low glycemic index.

Isafiber Mood Boost

Why Is IsoFiber An Important Prebiotic?

Prebiotics are defined as “non-digestible food ingredients that may beneficially affect the host by selectively stimulating the growth and/or activity of a limited number of bacteria in the colon.”

Oligosaccharides that are not digested and absorbed in the small intestine, pass through to the colon where they are fermented by Bifidobacteria, enhancing the proliferation of the bacteria.

In this respect, fermentable oligosaccharides may be considered prebiotics.

The oligosaccharides in the IMO mixtures in IsoFiber are, at least partially, fermented by bacteria in the colon and may; therefore, stimulate the growth of bacterial subpopulations.

Isofiber mood boost

What Good Bacteria Does It Help Grow?

Short chain oligosaccharides which confer prebiotic properties also produce short-chain fatty acids (like acetate, propionate and butyrate) as end-products of fermentation.

These molecules decrease the intra-luminal pH, directly inhibiting the growth and activity of harmful micro-organisms (enteropathogens).

This stimulates the growth of Bifidobacteria and Lactobacillus, which compete with the enteropathogens for nutrients and epithelial adhesion sites.

The beneficial effects of IMO in IsoFiber have been found in infants, children, and the elderly.

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The Gut-Brain Connection

Our gut plays a major role in our health and how we feel.

Dr Talbot explains how our gut affects our mental wellness.

Other Amare Products That Contain IsoFiber:

IsoFiber Mood Boost

Amare Kids FundaMentals

Kids FundaMentals™ is an all-in-one product that supports the entire gut-brain axis (GBX) of growing kids and teens.

Featuring nutrients scientifically shown to improve mental wellness, this easy-to-digest formula is perfect for kids of all ages.

  • Connects the gut and brain to enhance the communication between both brains
  • Ingredients shown to improve mood and reduce tension in human clinical trials
  • Improves psychological vigor (physical energy, mental acuity and emotional well-being)

Kids FundaMentals™ provides gut support through our MW3™ Prebiotic Proprietary Blend (that includes isofiber), which is specifically formulated to feed the bacteria in our MW3™ Probiotic Proprietary Blend.

Read more here at


This product can be taken alone or as part of the Happy Juice Pack and Mango Happy Juice.

  • Supports the growth and vitality of a range of beneficial gut bacteria
  • Reduces stress and promotes a positive mood
  • Helps normalize gut, immune, and brain function
  • Improves aspects of mental wellness by populating the microbiome with specific strains of probiotics and prebiotics
  • Ingredients shown to improve mood and reduce tension in human clinical trials

Read more about MentaBiotics at

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Go to to learn about all the Amare products to discover which ones can help your mental wellness.

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New Amare Happy Juice

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