Perfect Teacher Gift

Perfect Christmas Gift

It’s gotta be hard figuring out the perfect Christmas gift for your child’s teacher.  Obviously, they don’t need another thing to sit on their desk or another ornament. How about something healthy that will be consumed rather than sit around for months collecting dust.  Every teacher either drinks coffee or knows someone who does. Even if they give the coffee to a friend, it’s still a win. They are happy with your gift and their friend is happy, too.

I’ve been drinking this coffee about 3 months and can hardly drink my old organic brand anymore.  This coffee is a fairly traded blend of 100 percent ground arabica beans, slow-roasted, smooth-tasting  infused with green tea extract, trace minerals, and coconut oil. Have you ever heard of a coffee like this?  Plus, it doesn’t leave you with that acid stomach like other coffees do.

Purchase some for yourself while you are at it and buy extra for your family.

To learn more go directly to Isagenix.

If you “Sign up and Save” as a preferred customer  and order more than 6 you will get a discount plus, I will send you a $20 Amazon gift card via email.

Autoship gets you the very best price and it’s easily cancelled once your coffee arrives.

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