Life Force Body Balance

Body Balance is an amazingly delicious, easily digestible liquid supplement that I recently started drinking again.

Yep, we were off it for 4 years and now I decided we needed to take it again.

Although there are many supplements on the market that we could take this one covers all the bases and is one I trust to be free of toxins.

It has the following features I look for in a supplement:

  • Organic Whole Food
  • Gluten Free
  • Vegetarian
  • Kosher (KSA)
  • Celiac Safe
  • Non-GMO
  • No artificial flavors, sweeteners, colors

It’s super nutrient dense-packed with:

You Could Reap These Benefits From Life Force Body Balance

Body Balance nourishes and heals the body in many ways.

It contains natural food-based ingredients that help cleanse the colon, detoxify the circulatory system plus it nourishes the glandular and lymphatic systems.

It has antioxidants that may help the body resist the harmful effects of toxic substances, and may reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease, and strokes.

Body Balance also may help reduce inflammation from sports, arthritis, and many other conditions.

Body Balance includes everything your body needs for optimal functioning:

  • vitamins and minerals 
  • food-based nutrition
  • amino and fatty acids
  • enzymes to aid in digestion

It is easy to take and the black cherry and honey flavor tastes great!

Since it’s liquid it is gentle on your stomach.

To top that off, the nutrients in Body Balance have up to a 98% absorption rate—much higher than hard-to-swallow vitamin pills.

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I was concerned about radiation from Fukushima, however, this is what the owner of Life Force had to say about that:

Since the 2011 Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster, concerns have been raised over the levels of radioactive contamination present in and around the coastal waters of Japan. Life Force International’s SeaNine® blend contains a unique combination of nine sea vegetables harvested primarily off the east coast of Canada.

As part of our rigorous quality control program, every incoming lot of raw material is tested to ensure the material’s identity, strength, quality, and purity are in line with Life Force International’s standard of excellence. In this regard, since 2011 every incoming lot of SeaNine® blend has undergone a full gamma radiation test.

We will continue to incorporate this testing on all incoming lots, and will immediately reject all material which does not conform to our strict guidelines

A 4 ounce serving of Body Balance contains 9 sea vegetables:

Bladder Wrack
Irish Moss
Ascophyllum nodosum
Green Sea Lettuce
Winged Kelp
Gigartina Chamissoi

The combination of Aloe Vera and Sea Vegetation makes the nutrient value of Body Balance different from any other vitamin I’ve ever seen.

I highly encourage you to buy Body Balance and try it for yourself.

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Body Balance is available in Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore.
Life Force Body Balance is my favorite liquid vitamin.

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