Isagenix is GMO Free

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From Isagenix in regards to GMO’s

Concerned about the nature of the food you eat and whether or not it has been genetically modified through biotechnology?

Isagenix appreciates the right of customers to make informed dietary choices with the knowledge of whether or not the foods they purchase and consume contain any genetically modified (GM) ingredient.

The company also recognizes that uncertainty can exist in the marketplace centered around the labeling of GM ingredients despite consumer protections provided by governments such as those of Australia and New Zealand. For these reasons, the company is providing confirmation about the matter of GM ingredients and whether or not they are in Isagenix products.

This statement serves the interest of consumers in all markets (Australia, New Zealand, U.S., Canada, Hong Kong, and Taiwan) that Isagenix does not include any GM foods or ingredients in its products, nor does the company include any additives or processing aids in its products that contain any novel DNA or protein from a GM food.

In addition, Isagenix customers in Australia and New Zealand should be assured that all Isagenix products and their labels adhere to GM food labeling requirements and are in accordance with the Food Standards Code. All products can be claimed as “non-GM” or “GM free” in accordance with Australia and New Zealand regulations that prohibit representations about food that are false, misleading or deceptive.

The company ensures compliance to these standards through extensive manufacturing audits, raw material documentation, verification of origin and identification testing used in all of our products worldwide.

Source: Isagenix

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