IsaOmega Supreme®

The Isagenix Isa Omega fish oil contains the purest, most advanced omega-3 essential fatty acids on the market.

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  • Our exclusive formula contains one of the most concentrated sources of DHA and EPA omega-3 essential fatty acids available, which helps improve cardiovascular health and supports healthy cholesterol.
  • IsaOmega Supreme meets the American Heart Association (AHA) recommendation to help provide outstanding cardiovascular protection.It helps reduce high triglycerides to reduce heart disease.
  • IsaOmega Supreme is the purest fish oil supplement on the market today. Our fish oil is sourced from the deep, unpolluted waters of Norway and goes through a molecular distillation process that creates the most concentrated oil available. The end product is considered pharmaceutical grade.
  • The omega-3 fatty acids in IsaOmega Supreme help promote healthy brain development as well as eye and joint health.
  • No other product can compete with the quality of IsaOmega Supreme. Each batch is third-party tested to be free of 225 heavy metals (arsenic, led, mercury, cadmium and iron), PCBs and dioxins.

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