Personal Trainers

Dear Personal Trainer, Health Coach, Fitness Professional and anyone who wants to help others live their best life:

Think for a moment about the last time a client or friend came to you asking you how to lose weight or how to get in better health.

Did they want an exercise program?

Chances are, the answer is no. Rarely does someone say, “I’d like to do squats and push-ups.”

What 99% of people want is change. If you listen closely, you’ll hear it communicated every time they meet with you.

They want to change their body from its current state to their version of the “perfect healthy body “. And they’re asking you to help them do it.

Exercise Alone Isn’t Enough

Let’s not be naive – no matter how awesome your workout, we all know for most people dramatic results begin with their nutrition. That’s why an exercise program is never enough to see real, honest-to-goodness body transformation.

You can deliver that change… for every single person, you work with. That’s the truth.


You’ve got the workout covered.

Isagenix is the vehicle that will help you control what your client eats, create their loyalty to you, and produce dramatic results.

Isagenix is a full body nutritional cleansing, fat burning, and meal replacement system that will be delivered to your client’s door.

The products are all-natural and organic including gluten-free shakes, healthy chocolates, and snacks that will give your clients energy and curb their appetite.

Learn the details of our superfood system here.

Workout designed by YOU
Maximum Nutrition From Isagenix
Body Transformation!

I know, I know, you’re not a product pusher… Exactly!

Tell me, how many times have you been asked what supplements or protein you take? Do you refer people to GNC or Discount Nutrition?

Do you get paid for those recommendations?

Word of mouth marketing is precisely why network marketing works in your circle of influence.

You already do it!

You just don’t get paid for it.


Of course, if you’ve never thought of this concept, I’m sure you are still wondering if Isagenix could work with your wellness business?  

Watch this video. Learn how these personal trainers and wellness professionals are changing bodies and bank accounts.

What Did You Think?

Would quality products help your clients and your bank account?  If you don’t think you can help more people with these products or you don’t need extra money you can stop reading right now.

However, if you are ready to change the lives of the people you work with then it’s time to make a commitment.

Why Work With Me?

As your sponsor in Isagenix I will have a vested interest in helping you build your personal training business as well as your Isagenix business.

Although I am not a personal trainer I have extensive experience in marketing which I can share with you to help you build your business on and off line.

I own a website design company, therefore all my qualified team members are eligible for a personalized website to help build their business. (this is in addition to the FREE replicated website you get from Isagenix).

Get Started Today

1.  Sign up as Preferred Customer (go here) on  100 BV Autoship. Autoship gets you the wholesale prices and allows you to earn a commission from your referrals right away.

You can change/cancel your autoship very easily without ever picking up the phone.

2. Order products for your personal use.  This does not have to be a product pak but most people start with one.

If you do not need to lose weight be sure to look at the  Energy and Performance Paks .

Don’t forget, whatever product you purchase you can sell to your friends, family, and clients as soon as you get it which will allow you to make a retail profit right away.

However, if you are like most people you will want to keep the product for yourself to use.

3. Upgrade your account to member and pay the annual $29.99 enrollment fee. This will give you access to qualify for commissions, training, and your own replicated website.

3. Learn How You Get PaidWatch these videos for details.

4.  Share the products with your clients. Isagenix has tools to help you do this. Don’t worry, you won’t be alone. You will join 1,000’s of others who are already sharing these products with their clients, friends, and family.

After You Register

I will contact you via email and phone to direct you to our training and private Facebook groups.  I have special tips and secrets to share with you that will help you build your social media presence, too.

If you desire, you can be part of Team Isagenix like these wellness professionals.

Have Questions For Me?

Call me directly at 940-484-6729  or  Text  214-533-0328.

I will answer whatever questions you have and direct you to information that will help you make your decision. 

Still Need To Think About?

I totally get that. This is your future we are talking about.

Remember, this isn’t selling merchandise your clients won’t use or will hang in their closets.

This is food and energy products that they’ll gladly consume because you referred them to it.

So that you don’t forget what you researched follow this board on Pinterest and sign up here for my Isagenix promotions email list.


Note: I only work with those who are serious about building a business and want to help others achieve their best health. I don’t have time for tire kickers or slackers. Only join my team if you are serious about changing your life and the life of your friends, family, and clients.