Fitness Competitor Uses Isagenix For Peak Performance and Personal Freedom

In late 2011, Jamie was a budding fitness competitor with a run-of-the-mill office job. Working with legendary fitness competition coach and Isagenix Millionaire, Cathy Savage, Jamie as convinced to give Isagenix® a try to boost her competition performance and help pay for her competition costs.

She was prepared for a physical transformation, but the day her first Isagenix box arrived, she got more than she bargained for.

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A Total-Life Transformation

Before Jamie arrived home to dive into her Isagenix order, something completely unexpected happened: she lost her job.

The company she worked for restructured and absorbed her position into another employee with more tenure.

“I got home and my Isagenix package was sitting on the doorstep for me,” Jamie recalls. “It was a sign, I think.

My whole life transitioned from a business focus to health and fitness.”

Luckily, Jamie wasn’t out of work for long. She was hired as a personal trainer the same day she was let go and she had placed her order with the intent of pursuing an Isagenix business.

Performing At Her Peak

Jamie’s competitive focus was on the Bikini and Model divisions.

To win, she needed a toned look, the kind of physique every woman wants, or as her coach often explains it, “Miss America with some muscles.” Jamie’s goal was to place in the top five at a national show.

In her first big show she didn’t make it into the top twenty.

Disappointed, she recalls, “I was skinny.

When you get to the national and international-level shows the judges are looking for a lean frame with definition.”

After a few months of using Isagenix products in conjunction with her training, Jamie put on five to eight pounds of muscle.

When she competed at another big show, Fitness America, the results were remarkable.

“At that show, which was my first show with Isagenix,” she says, “I got fifth place!”

Financial Freedom

Working in fitness, Isagenix was an easy pitch for Jamie.

“Before Isagenix was in my life,” Jamie reveals, “I spent a whole lot of time giving away free advice.”

With Isagenix, though, she could help people and give them good advice, but “they have the potential to become a customer for me, so it’s not so one-sided.”

Now, she and her husband are opening a CrossFit gym.

She’ll run the business side and integrate Isagenix into their training program.

“Owning a business can be strenuous,” Jamie, a 1-Star Silver Circle, Crystal Director acknowledges.

“It’s fine now, but in the future, you don’t know exactly what’s going to happen.”

That’s why she’s glad to have Isagenix in her life.

“Right now, the gym is our livelihood, but in the future I consider Isagenix to be my retirement plan.”

Jamie’s Tips for Success

    1. Don’t rest on your laurels! Big opportunities are out there if you’re willing to leave your comfort zone.
    2. Learn the basics! Understand how the compensation plan works and the keys to success. Know why you are (or aren’t) succeeding so you can take positive action.
    3. Use the tools! Start with the scripts, they make it easy to have a conversation. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

Use The Isagenix Products

Order the products that Jamie uses. If you are a personal trainer you need these supplements for your clients, too.

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