3 Excuses You’re Using to Sabotage Your Weight Loss

All of us have experienced a lull after starting a new fitness or nutrition program.

There’s inevitably a point where your enthusiasm begins to wane, and you start finding reasons to ditch your new habits and slide back into your old, unhealthy ways.

Initially, it might not be obvious you’re backsliding in your weight loss routine, but the scale doesn’t lie.

If you start to notice the numbers on the scale aren’t moving at all, or worse, are moving in the wrong direction, you might be unconsciously undermining your weight loss program.

Here are three excuses you might be using to sabotage your weight loss.

Excuse #1: You Don’t Have Time

Everyone is busy, and most of us use that as an excuse to eat poorly and skip workouts.

The reality is, if your health is a priority, you’ll make time to do the things you need to do.

We all have the same number of hours in a day, so you can find the time to prepare healthy meals and get some exercise if you want to.

If the idea of blocking out large amounts of time for working out is overwhelming for you, try breaking it into more manageable pieces.

Shorter workouts can be as effective as one long workout, and everyone has 15 minutes here or there to do some yoga or climb the stairs.

If you swear you don’t have the time to plan menus and cook healthy meals, try a meal delivery service such as Blue Apron.

They’ll deliver healthy food you can prepare in 30 minutes or less.

They are a little costlier than shopping for your own groceries, but you’ll have the convenience of having your meals delivered to your door.

Isn’t your health worth the investment?

Don't sabatoge your weightloss goals

Excuse #2: Your Current Health

 Telling yourself you are too unhealthy and overweight to start or maintain a fitness program is a dangerous mindset to settle into.

No matter what physical challenges you have, there is always something you can do to get started on the path to better health.

Before beginning any new diet or fitness program, you should always check with your doctor about your current health.

Be open about your desire to start a weight loss plan and ask if there’s anything you should avoid in your new program.

Your doctor will probably want to run some tests to determine your current fitness levels so he or she can make informed recommendations about a weight loss regimen.

As you progress toward your weight loss goals, your doctor will likely run the same battery of tests to track the improvements in your health.

You can use the results of these tests to monitor your progress and as an inspiration to keep moving toward your goals.

You can store your records in an app such as My Medical and access them from any of your devices.

If you’re concerned about the security of your medical records, consider using a virtual private network to ensure the privacy of the medical information you access online.

Don't be lazy

Excuse #3: Laziness Takes Over

Laziness is tricky because it can sneak up on you.

You tell yourself you’ve been working hard and so you deserve a night off from working out.

Before you know it, you’ve missed an entire week of workouts, and it feels almost impossible to get back on track.

No one wants to admit to being lazy, so we make up other excuses, such as being too busy or too tired.

Ultimately, if we’re honest with ourselves, we know it likely boils down to laziness and wanting to take the easier, albeit less healthy, choice.

Get a workout partner or personal trainer

Try combating this excuse by getting a workout buddy or personal trainer.

Having someone counting on you to show up to the gym will make it much more difficult for you to skip a workout.

Bottom Line

While you’re working toward a weight loss goal, it’s important, to be honest with yourself about your motivations.

Reminding yourself why you want to lose weight will go a long way toward helping you overcome any excuses you might be using to sabotage your weight loss.

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